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Reviewed: Kahn Ferrari Spider 458
11th Sep 2013

Up close, from every single angle, the Kahn Ferrari 458 Spider’s couture is, to put it rather simply: mouth-watering.

Here we are test-driving one of the world’s most desirable cars. Shrouded in voluptuous Grigio Alloy couture – this vehicle may have been manufactured in Italy – but the unyielding British blueprint is extraordinary.

Surprisingly, the real reason why the Kahn Ferrari 458 Spider is so good is because of its simplicity. I know, odd thing to say about a car with such a radical set of wheels and special detailing, but we stand by it.

The start button, lights and wipers, suspension selector etc, are all actually on the steering wheel, which sounds like a no-brainer – but you get used to it within a day.

And that goes for the car as a whole. Yes, of course this Ferrari is quick, and when we mean quick, it is a machine that will outpace any other vehicle out there – but on a drive to the supermarket, complete with state of the art Monza wheels and the inspiring 1 80 number plate, you can be assured of a nonchalant drive, even though, for the record, we can’t promise the lack of an adoring, even an envious look.

Some would say the 458 has gone soft, yet the fact of the matter is that this is the car to be seen and heard in.

Domesticated enough to sit serenely in your garage, or unleashed in the city, the Kahn Ferrari 458 Spider boasts a styling package complete with a lowered suspension, front sections, matt rear styling detail, black painted calipers and Kahn Monza wheels - ensuring a mighty presence on the road.

When it comes to practicality, again, we’re pleasantly surprised. Even the most obtuse of individuals will see eye to eye with this vehicle because unlike other Ferraris, the pedals here are not as sensitive, so you won’t stall a hundred times.

Although having the roof down is magnificent, it was only for the sound of the engine in the open air. The roof folds in 14 seconds, and is 25kg lighter than the equivalent and there is also a big chance you will end up falling deeply in love with the 458’s luxurious Nero interior.

Marking an evolution as opposed to a revolution - welcome, to the new world of the Ferrari 458 Spider; rather chameleon-esque in nature, granted, but not in the same mould as your (lovely) mother in law!

One minute it’s a ferocious machine, next minute: whoosh and it’s nice as pie, escorting you on a visit to the shopping centre or a meeting - whilst still retaining its boyish enthusiasm and good looks.

And even though no one saw us in it bar a few horses – and that’s the way I like it. At the end of the day, the only thing I didn’t like about the 458 Spider… was me.

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