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The Brand

A connoisseur of both luxury vehicles and refined design, the Chelsea Truck Company stands proud in providing bespoke design pieces for exceptional individuals. Redefining the ‘Chelsea Tractor’ to purvey a whole new meaning, each truck is subtly enhanced to accentuate its prestige whilst still maintaining its classic style. Working exclusively with only the finest of iconic trucks, our design house always places sophistication before ostentation, and originality before convention.

The Icons

The Defender 

An iconic British staple, previously recognised for its military status and excelled off-road capabilities,
the Defender's status has since transgressed, a bold statement both on and off the road, it has more recently drawn the
desires of the elite and the style conscious.

The Wrangler

Redefining this American icon, by injecting it with our quaint British style,
The Chelsea Truck Company pays homage to the Jeep Wrangler, made in the US, refined in Great Britain.

The G-Wagon

After making its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, The Chelsea Truck Company is proud to welcome the
G-Wagon Hammer edition into its design house. Whether a fully converted model, or one of our body kits,
 The Chelsea truck company lifts the G-Wagons iconic status whilst holding its proud Germanic stance.

The Designer

Driven by his passion for cars, in 1992 British Designer Afzal Kahn set out to give like-minded individuals the opportunity to transform their vehicles from everyday cars into fashion statements. At just 17 years old he was selling wheels and by 1996 he had designed his own; the iconic RS-R.

Building on this initial success, he spent the subsequent two decades designing wheels, components and vehicles, becoming one of the most prominent automotive designers in Great Britain. 

After many successful years in the industry at the healm of brands such as Project Kahn, in 2010 Afzal decided to set up the Chelsea Truck Company to pay homage to the iconic off-road vehicles he so admired, whilst also incorporating his lifelong love of the Royal Borough of Chelsea. 

Today, in his role as CEO of parent company and design house Kahn Design, Afzal oversees the running of a number of prominent automotive brands including the Chelsea Truck Company, Project Kahn, Flying Huntsman and the Vengeance.

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