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What Your Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 says about you
Mar 3, 2020

Chelsea Truck Company has looked at some research which helps get to the bottom of what your Jeep Wrangler CJ300 really does say about you. 

Do the facts match you or someone that you know? Read more below and find out now!

Diplomatic Immunity

The Black Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2.8 Diesel Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 is for the sophisticated individual.

Just think diplomats being chauffeured in their CJ300 through the urban landscape at night.

Jeep 1941 wheels in and fuel filler cap in Satin Black, side wing blades in a Satin finish, smoked headlamps and a four slot Chelsea Truck Company grille ensure that when the CJ300 is in town, it is the most powerful vehicle in the vicinity, important, classic and in control.

Independence Day

The Flame Red CJ400 conveys independence and adventure.

You have always wanted a Wrangler; you love the outdoors and seek a challenge. So rather than dream of an adventure, you can experience it.

Adorned with a four-slot Chelsea Truck Company grille, quad exhaust system in stainless steel, LED Diamond bright and horizontal headlights, a Chelsea Truck Company spare wheel cover and a set of 7.5” x 17” Jeep 1941 wheels in Satin Black exude resplendence.

This Chelsea Truck Company 4x4 allows you to experience activities such as backpacking, mountain biking and kayaking within the comfort of, front (heated) and rear GTB sport seats re-upholstered in black and red quilted/perforated leather

Follow The Leader

As you get older and become parents, you do not want to be the stereotypical mum or dad, who has embraced the keeping up with the Jones’ philosophy.

You want to be an individual, someone special and by driving a Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 you can, because you’re not a follower, you’re a leader!

The Volcanic Bronze Satin Jeep CJ300 is for the driver who exudes dignity, tradition and maturity.

The driver of this vehicle will tend to care less about status – but thanks to the privacy tinted anti-reflection glass, colour coded side and rear panels, front and rear quilted and perforated seats with matching stitching, brake callipers finished in liquid gold and Kahn branding you will be held in high esteem by those who view you driving this vehicle because there is nothing else like it.


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