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What To Expect On A Speed Awareness Course
Mar 4, 2020

If you take the option of attending a Speed Awareness course at your local community or training centre and you are unaware of what to expect, allow an un-named Chelsea Truck Company News correspondent to tell you exactly what to expect.

You Will Be Advised To Drive Economically In Third Gear

As the course went on we were told about how when a car brakes it loses the vast majority of its speed in the last few metres of its travel, not the first few.

We were how we should driving as economically as we can, ideally in third gear, not fourth, so that we do not accidentally break the speed limit (but possibly using more fuel in the process?).

Do Not Get Caught Again

If you get caught for speeding within three years of taking the course, it will result in a prosecution, not a speed awareness course.

Therefore, on a quiet, empty, straight piece of road, at seven in the morning, on a well-lit summer’s day, if you are tempted to speed up, please adhere to the limit!

Four Hours

The course consists of two individuals taking turns, to say “do not break the speed limit” in as many different ways as possible by means of a PowerPoint presentation for a total of four hours.

If you think you can just sit back and play on your smart phone all the way through the session you are very much mistaken.

To pass the course and therefore dodge having three points on your driving licence you have to “actively participate” and listen to some new facts about speeding including the catchy: ‘only a fool breaks the two second rule’, you will probably hear this a dozen times.

National Speed Awareness Course Workbook

You will be expected to fill in a course workbook.

You will have to actively engage with discussion with your group and write about some of the following subjects:

What are the consequences of speeding & what are the hazards?

It is important to make a note of the instructors’ names and the date of the course in your work book.

This way, should you get a call stating there is no record of you attending the course, you can categorically state that you were on the course and mention the names of the instructors.

What happens next?

Once you have successfully completed the course, your course provider will contact the police authority and no further action will be taken against you for your speeding offence. 

Please be advised however, you will not be allowed to partake in another course within the next three years and some insurance providers such as Admiral will add a 9% (approx) premium to your next insurance quote.

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