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What The Colour Of Your Car Says About You
Feb 28, 2020

Have you ever wondered what the colour of your Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler CJ300 says about you?


Kahn News sought the views of colour consultant and trend forecaster Leatrice Eiseman to find out more...


Dark green: Well-Balanced, trustworthy, traditional; Light green: Organic, no-fuss, understated

Someone seated in a green ride usually leads a well-balanced life. “Green is the most-balanced colour in nature,” says Eiseman.


“The deeper the green, the more trustworthy, and also the more traditional, you’ve got a person who likes to be thought of as no fuss, very simple and understated,” adds Eiseman.


To find out more about the Expedition Military Green Chelsea Truck Company CJ300, click here 


Brilliant White: Sophisticated, emotional, family orientated 

Eiseman believes white car owners can be difficult to please: “There’s a degree of fastidiousness.”


“These are people who generally like things to be very pure and pristine and clear and direct. There’s nothing you can hide under the colour white.


”The woman who chooses a white ride is more likely to keep her car super clean. And she lives the rest of her life this way, too.


To find out more about the Brilliant White Chelsea Truck Company CJ300, click here

Flame Red: Sensual, dynamic, outgoing 

“There’s definitely an element of sensuality that goes with red,” Eiseman says.


“There’s that dynamic quality and high energy. They like to be seen as someone who really stands out and they like to call attention to themselves. They don’t shy away from it. It’s definitely an outgoing individual.”


To find out more about the Flame Red Chelsea Truck Company CJ400 click here 


Orange: Artistic, individual, complex 

Eiseman is of the opinion that an orange car is unique: “It’s one of the most interesting colours because people who choose orange are usually very artistic, creative and original.”


“And they’re very individualistically charming. There’s a certain complexity to this kind of personality as well.”


To find out more about the Sunset Orange Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 click here 


Volcanic Grey: Neutral, sober, practical 

What you see is what you get with the straight-forward owners of grey cars. “It’s a colour that is obviously very neutral,” insists Eiseman.


“So it’s really rather sober. The person who chooses it is usually very practical, very pragmatic. They’re people who make lists and talk things out.”


To find out more about the Volcanic Grey Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 click here


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