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The Ultimate Blend Of Rugged Ability And Indulgent Luxury
Mar 23, 2020

Once established as the go-to aftermarket Land Rover designers, the  company latterly looked to add further brands to their portfolio,  culminating in the establishment of the Chelsea Truck Company.

Focusing  on three iconic models, the Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes G-Wagon, the Chelsea Truck Company’s vehicles are the ultimate  blend of rugged ability and indulgent luxury.

“Each car in the Chelsea Truck Company’s range is an icon of its homeland,” said Afzal Kahn.

“I  wanted to give customers who admired these vehicles, but were put off  by their simplicity, the chance to enjoy them in a more refined form.”

It  is a formula that has seen Afzal Kahn maintain his position as one of  Britain’s most notable automotive designers. Many firms have  subsequently entered the market, hoping to mimic the brand’s success,  but by staying ahead of the curve and setting the trends, rather than  following them, the company continues to be seen as one leading  automotive fashion house in Britain.

The company’s designs are so  popular that vehicle manufacturers themselves began to recognise the  demand for bespoke versions of standard vehicles as customers looked to  set themselves apart from others on the road.

As such, many are  creating in-house units who specialise in providing specially made  versions of their standard models. However, rather than see this  development as a threat, as a car lover Afzal Kahn welcomes a wider  audience embracing individuality in automotive design.

“More  unique cars on the road can only be a good thing; as more and more  customers look to add personal touches to their vehicles, we are well  positioned to create original designs that complement rather than  compete with what comes off the manufacturers’ production lines, so we  are very excited about the future,” added Mr Kahn.

At the  forefront of the industry for nearly two decades, the key to Kahn’s  success is original creations, designed and built in-house. Unlike many  of its competitors, Kahn Design is a vertically integrated business  meaning it can ensure quality is never compromised. Furthermore, Kahn is  a steadfast supporter of British industry, having been awarded for his  significant investments in British manufacturing and design.

“As a  British brand we are proud to support other British companies. British  manufacturing is, in my opinion, the best in the world and is synonymous  with quality and innovation.”

The company now sees  coach-building as the future and has big plans to embark on ever bigger  and bolder projects in the coming years.

“As well and focusing on  our core design business, we have big ambitions to bring back the lost  art of coach-building. I have huge admiration for the skill and  craftsmanship that it takes to create something fully coach-built and I  would love to help bring it back to Britain.”

Such ambition is typical of Afzal Kahn and is the key factor setting him apart in the automotive design industry.

Whilst  others look to exploit market trends and jump on the next bandwagon, he  is resolute in following his dreams and thinking of how best he can pay  homage the cars he loves so much. In pursuing this vision, he is often unconventional, but that is exactly how he has become a true British  success story.


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