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Mar 23, 2020

For decades, the special relationship between Great Britain and the United States has been one of great cooperation; a demonstration to the rest of the world of what can be achieved when two progressive nations work together. Today though, in these times of global disarray, it is easy to forget some of the wonderful achievements of these two great countries.


In London, England, however, a quintessentially British brand is reminding the world what can be accomplished when these old allies put their heads together.


The brand in question is the Chelsea Truck Company (CTC), a luxury vehicle manufacturer which takes the best that a nation has to offer and adds good old British sophistication. Positioned on the famous King’s Road in Chelsea, its beautifully refined vehicles are sold to the most discerning clients across the globe.


By starting with rugged and capable 4x4s from countries around the world and making them more usable with luxurious enhancements, the CTC breathes new life into vehicles, introducing them to a whole new audience.


Its latest creation, the Black Hawk, is heading to the U.S. and upholds the best of each country’s automotive expertise. A combination of British refinement and rugged American ability, it is quite possibly the ultimate transatlantic collaboration.


Capable off-roader, sun seeking convertible and now a luxury cruiser, the CTC Black Hawk really is all the car you could ever need. Based on a Jeep Wrangler, it was designed with one guiding principle in mind; American icon, British style. 


As such, it preserves the celebrated character of the famous 4x4 whilst adopting a more contemporary look both inside and out.


Body armour, bespoke wheels and purposeful tyres are just some of the Black Hawk’s exterior enhancements, whilst the interior is adorned in swathes of hand-trimmed leather and bespoke detailing. The overall effect is one that manages to be both striking and subtle at the same time.


Outgoing but not outlandish, as it rolls on by the Black Hawk attracts nods of approval, rather than rolls of eyes. It showcases the best of both British and American design and when you sit in one you realise how powerful that combination is. It truly is a thing of beauty.


By bringing the Black Hawk to the USA, the CTC prove that even in these tumultuous times, whilst many nations are looking inwards, looking outwards and working with others opens up, quite literally, a world of wonderful possibilities.



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