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Time well spent
Feb 12, 2020

If you even know the slightest thing about luxury timepieces, then you’ll be only too aware that the vast majority of the world’s high-end watches herald from the small, neutral country of Switzerland. It is amazing that so many of the planet’s most prized watchmaking brands originate in Switzerland and it is testament to the craft, skill and dedication of Swiss watchmakers that they remain amongst the most sought after on the market amongst aficionados of luxury men’s timepieces.

Kahn timepieces are amongst the most exclusive in the world and their distinctive look and design certainly sets them apart from the crowd.

You can\'t help but admire the amazing craftsmanship that goes into Kahn timepieces, from design to engineering to production.

The Aero London timepiece, for instance, not only has the looks, it sports a resolutely avant-garde a hand sewn matte black crocodile leather strap and deployment clasp. A stainless steel case is simple yet striking, whilst the contrasting deep black face provides an opportunity to appreciate its finer details and unblemished craftsmanship.

Like the aforementioned Aero London timepiece, the GMT Pure timepiece is another example of style doing the talking in the absence of a six-figure price. In this instance, curved form follows function. The sporting elegance of this timepiece defies gaudiness and befuddling functions most wearers grudgingly admit they never use. Rather, only the very basic functions of hour, minute, second, and date are represented here in truly international form. Still, rarely is such an uncomplicated timepiece so envied and admired. One could almost include “cool confidence” as a function.

Kahn Timepieces are famed for the quality and diversity of the collections on offer. Nothing short of sublime they are a seen as a rare delight to the most discerning of customers.

For more information visit the Kahn timepieces website.


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