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The True Definition Of Luxury: 6X6 Flying Huntsman Flying Huntsman Pick Up
Mar 23, 2020

Produced on a limited basis and at a price of £189,995 the colossal Land Rover Defender XS Double Cab Pickup 2.2 TDCI Flying Huntsman 6X6 started life as a standard vehicle.


This plush vehicle has been conceived to appeal to some of most affluent clientele, and promises a vehicle without compromise.


Coach built

880mm longer than a standard Defender and around 150mm wider, the Flying Huntsman 6X6 is decked out with a plethora of mechanical & styling upgrades.


It features six driven wheels, an upgrade to the suspension and braking system, locking differentials and a six speed automatic gearbox - ensuring this ground-breaking vehicle is as tough as they come.


Around 880mm longer than a normal Defender and 150mm wider, the Flying Huntsman 110 6X6 is adorned with a full range of mechanical & styling upgrades, that gives the vehicle a muscular appearance and improved performance.



The styling package consists of a Volcanic Rock exterior, front wings with integrated vents and wide rear wings in light weight composite, X-Lander front grille, Flying Huntsman Rigid Spare Wheel Cover and headlamp surrounds.


A replacement front bumper with tron ring lights, fog lights and Shadow Chrome headlights, 8x18\" 1945 Retro Alloy Wheels in Matte Black with Gold Stripe and a Twin Crosshair Exhaust System in Stainless Steel with exhaust shields complete the exterior transformation.


To drive, it\'s a blast, at least in wide-open space where the 6x6 has sufficient room to strut its stuff.


The big surprise is just how refined it is.


Once you’ve heaved yourself on to the substantial step plate and introduced your backside to the Front GTB Sports Seats in Leather with Almandine 100% Wool Inserts, you will a cabin like no other.


The same material is worn by the passenger dashboard top and grab handle, door handles and centre glove box.


Furthermore, re-upholstered roof headlining in quilted Black leather, bespoke steering wheel, Vented Foot Pedals in Machined Aluminium along with hard wearing front and rear cabin floor mats are just some of the additions to what is an endearing interior.



The upright driving position is higher, thus ensuring forward vision is brilliant.


There\'s an engaging blare through the crosshair exhaust system as you hit the starter button to fire the engine, lending the big 6X6 an eager demeanour. Blip the throttle and it squats on its springs under load change like a true muscle car.


Once underway, the 6x6 proves remarkably easy to drive. It has produced with a straightforward nature together with level of comfort you\'d hardly credit from such an muscular machine.


Final Say

Those big tyres work with the complex driveline to provide plenty of traction, allowing you to cruise with great authority, providing longitudinal stability and added traction.


There\'s far less vertical movement through the suspension than the standard car, resulting in a surprisingly smooth ride. There\'s plenty of lean in corners, but body movements are controlled.


Despite its weight, it accelerates with great vigour. Heady torque combines with the traction-enhancing qualities to deliver impressive off-the-line and in-gear qualities.


You could argue long and hard about the merits or otherwise of the Land Rover Defender XS Double Cab Pickup 2.2 TDCI Flying Huntsman 6X6 – one of the world\'s first road legal utility vehicles.


However, one thing is for certain: it is a fun thing to drive in the right conditions.




Kahn Automobiles Specification

Vented Foot Pedals in Machined Aluminium

Door Panels in Leather with Almandine 100% Wool Inserts

Flying Huntsman Time Clock Facia Insert

Flying Huntsman Embossed Door & Tailgate Logos

X-Lander Front Grille

Shadow Chrome Headlamps

Fixed Panoramic Glass Sunroof

Front GTB Sports Seats in Leather with Almandine 100% Wool Inserts

Rear Mud Flaps in Toughened Rubber - Pair

Roof Grab Handles with Leather & Almandine Covers

Flying Huntsman Boot Sill Plate

1945 Retro Alloy Wheels - 8x18\" in Matte Black with Gold Stripe

Hard Wearing Front & Rear Cabin Floor Mats

Passenger Dashboard Top & Grab Handle in Leather with Almandine 100% Wool

Custom Extended Bonnet

Bonnet Vents with Mesh - Stainless Steel

Front Bumper Replacement including Bumper Lights - Stainless Steel

Key Ring - Enamel with CTC Logo Quilted & Perforated Leather

Modified Chassis Extended 400mm

Custom Electronic Differential - Switchable Six Wheel Drive

Rear Door Panel & Handle in Leather with Almandine 100% Wool Insert

Roof Headlining Re-upholstered in Quilted Black Leather

Flying Huntsman Rigid Spare Wheel Cover

Twin Crosshair Exhaust System in Stainless Steel inc. Exhaust Shields

Complete Colour Change - Our signature Cromax® paint finish

Custom Alloy Front Wings

Centre Glovebox in Quilted & Perforated Leather

Heated Front Seat Elements

Extended Bonnet Release Cable

Instrument Binnacle in Nappa Leather

Lined Load Area - Black Wood Effect with Red Pin Stripe

Flying Huntsman Rev Counter Dial

Exhaust Side Vents - Pair

Front Bumper Sump Guard - Aluminium

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