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The Science Behind A Chelsea Truck Company Defender Wide Track Model
Mar 23, 2020

All-terrain right from the start, the Land Rover Defender was built for adventure.


Although the Defender as we know it has bid farewell, for some, it is sacrosanct to keep the legend alive.


It would be safe to presume, a brand that differentiates itself within the market place with a number of innovative and cool products should step up to the fray.

Cue the Chelsea Truck Company label


Afzal Kahn created a vision for the Chelsea Truck Company in terms of what he wanted the Defender Wide Track to look like, back in 2011.


5 years on, the design strategy behind the Defender Wide Track is still relevant; this is because the Defender Wide Track styling package has proved to be a winner in terms of the success of the product.


In a world that is changing, designing a vehicle that people long to drive, resonates with them on an personal level, maintaining the essence of the Defender, and this is what the Chelsea Truck Company is all about.

British Roots


The unique point here, has been pleasing the requirements of our clients who appreciate the British DNA of the Defender Wide Track, a point which the Chelsea Truck Company’s Connor Malarkey is keen to highlight:


“Our clients buy our products because they see eye to eye with Afzal Kahn’s philosophy,” said Malarkey .


“However, this does not mean you cannot create definite specifications. In our line of work you can only flourish if people admire your products and vehicles, it is for this reason that we continue to listen to our clients and deliver the most ground-breaking products and long may that continue.”


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