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Residual boost for The Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler CJ300 models
Feb 18, 2020

A. Kahn Design’s Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 Jeep models retain more of their value than standard Jeep Wranglers, say CAP.

The automotive valuation authority has determined Jeep Wranglers enhanced by automotive fashion house A. Kahn Design, under the Chelsea Truck Company umbrella; maintain an enduring value of around 12.5% above Black Book indicators for the brand.

The findings follow an extensive monthly analysis of the Jeep Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 market, contrasting vehicles with upgrade packages against standard market offerings where depreciation for time and mileage is calculated for both instances.

The findings were consistent throughout the year: “When tracking vehicles fitted with Kahn packages, it was found that annual deprecation of the enhancement, over and above the base car, was comparable to the car itself,” said CAP Black Book Editor, Tim Bearder.

“In our opinion the initial uplift for the Chelsea Truck Package on the Jeep Wrangler is 12.5% for all petrol and diesel derivatives on top of the CAP Black Book used values. This figure undergoes on-going research by the CAP editorial department and its findings updated every quarter.”

A. Kahn Design’s founder and Chief Designer, Afzal Kahn, said: “CAP’s analysis acknowledges the higher residuals in vehicles enhanced by A. Kahn Design.

“I appreciate CAP’s view on the Jeep Chelsea Truck Jeep Wrangler CJ300 is unique in the personalised vehicle arena. I’m pleased that it\'s research strengthens our position as the leading bespoke vehicle brand and reveals a compelling argument for investing in A. Kahn Design vehicles and making the definitive statement.”

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