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Pick Your Own Personalised Number Plate: HE11 WAR
Mar 23, 2020

At Kahn Design we have one of the most exclusive number plate collections in the UK, with many much sought after registrations to choose from.


You have probably seen Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, its terrifying antagonist Jack Torrance played by Jack Nicholson established Kubrick’s reputation as a director able to blend the sight of blood with dry humour and notorious film villains.


His mantle as one of the kings of horror continued throughout the 90s; with the movie taking $44 million in worldwide box office takings.  


If you have a Santorini black Defender Wide Track, complete with the Kahn exterior and interior styling package, we have a number plate for you that would have made Kubrick himself proud! 



The HE11 WAR registration plate will mark you out as someone who can come out on top in any situation, someone who is unfazed by the paraphernalia often associated with Hollywood; instead they are more interested in the characters in the movies and the thinking behind each and every scene.


Rest assured, this registration will not look out of place in the next big horror movie to come out of Hollywood, nor would it look weary in the backstreets of the toughest of locations. 



We have had many clients who have been satisfied with our no holds barred advice on which private number plates are likely to not only hold their value, but increase in the future.


We also discuss the merits of each registration mark, the positives and the negatives, in a positive and transparent manner and show you exactly how to minimise your risk.


We can proudly say we never have and never would advise a client to invest in a poor quality personalised registration.

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