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Meet Scotland's Off-Road King
Mar 23, 2020

The Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler is the perfect off-road vehicle.


Scotland offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, from sea lochs to several islands and places of interest, ideal for off-roading.


If you ever make your way there, and if you are lucky enough to bump into a certain off-road king, be sure to get some tips from the man himself: Bob Drummond.


Bob is not only a proud Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler owner, he is a renowned Scottish businessman who has built up a reputation as a no holds barred, award winning business leader.


He won the “Grampian Industrialist of The Year” award in 2012 which is a much coveted and highly regarded title, awarded to the business leader who the local Chamber of Commerce consider to have made an outstanding contribution to business and to the community within the Grampian Region of Scotland.


However, true to Afzal Kahn’s mantra: ‘The Road Is My Catwalk’, Bob as it happens, is a “complete petrol head.”


“There are some amazing roads and opportunities to go off road in this part of Scotland and even more so if you go even further North or over to the West Coast so I am sure that my Wrangler will be seeing lots of off road miles too,” says Bob.


“I had a Porsche Cayenne before and I can tell already that the Jeep is a massively more capable car in terms of it’s off road capabilities and because of this it is much more fun to drive off road.”


Bob owns two Ferraris and two Porsches and is still involved in competitive motorsport (he races in the Lotus Cup UK).


“As a result of this am quite well known within a network of guys with similar interests and when I have showed them the Wrangler they have all been really impressed by it.”


Bob chose the Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler because of a combination of capabilities, looks and outstanding value for money, backed up by the great reputation of Kahn Design.


“I have seen many advertisements in magazines (mostly car and motorsport) and know about the strong brand image and reputation of Kahn Design. I have visited the Chelsea Truck showroom in London but not the HQ in Bradford.”


Regardless of his business achievements however, it would be safe to say, Bob has also been officially crowned, the coolest man in the Drummond household.


“They all really like it. The younger ones (twenty something and below) say it’s ‘so cool’, ‘awesome’ or ‘wicked’ whilst the older ones are really impressed by the quality of the finish and basically just how much car you get for your money.”


Mr. Drummond has built up a really good reputation over the years and has gained recognition and respect over the years as a forward thinking business leader.


However, should you see a squash buckling individual behind the wheel of a Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler, in the most remote parts of Scotland, rest assured, you will be in the presence of our very own business leader turned off-road king!


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