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Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCI XS 90 - Wide Track – Snow Cool
Feb 18, 2020

Welcome to the world of the Chelsea Wide Track Defender!


As the saying goes, any car that sporty drivers fancy is guaranteed to be hopeless in the snow.


Bearing this in mind, Sports car lovers should look away now!


The Chelsea Truck Company’s take on the Defender has brought about a craze for this iconic vehicle in the UK and beyond.


And as the pictures suggest, where better to test the commanding ride height and practicality of the Defender Chelsea Wide Track than in the snow-white terrain?


Naturally, one cannot discount the Defender Wide Track whilst it passes through tough terrain.


Emphasising the SUV’s competence, combining elegant performance with rugged practicality, this is a vehicle full of luxurious amenities and a forceful nature that stands the test of time.


Obviously, a Defender Wide Track model with four-wheel drive will mean the vehicle performs better in any situation where more grip is required - having four wheels complete with winter tyres and Kahn wheels all cohesively turning is obviously a big benefit in adverse weather conditions.


Throw into the mix, front and rear wheel arches with a square sectioned wide arch kit, military grille, front bumper, sump guard, cross hair exhaust system, mud flaps, roof rack, LED lights and Shadow Chrome headlamps, we are talking snow cool!


For more information, e-mail: info@chelseatruckcompany.com


Afzal Kahn


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