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Kahn News Presents: Summer Driving Tips
Feb 25, 2020

Cars generally cope well in the summer months despite the sweltering sun and humid conditions.


However, if you are not fully prepared, alarm bells could potentially ring.


Rest assured however, help is at hand, allow Kahn News to provide some tips to help drivers stay safe and comfortable this summer.

Plan Ahead

Make sure you plan well ahead because there is nothing worse than setting out on a journey and realising you forgot to do a number of things.

Make sure you do decide to go through the list below; it will save a great deal of hassle in the long run:

• Check all wiper blades for wear or splitting, check the windscreen washer fluid level and check that the washer jets are adjusted correctly

• Check oil and coolant levels

• Have the cooling system checked - a leaking cooling system or inoperative cooling fan could cause the vehicle to overheat and cause extensive damage to the engine

• Check all the exterior lights are working to ensure they comply with any legal requirements.

• Check the condition of the Tyres, (including the spare) for correct pressures and legal tread depth. The current minimum legal tread depth for cars and light commercial vehicles (up to 3500 kg gvw\') is 1.6mm

• Ensure all dashboard warning lights operate correctly. If not, consult your owner\'s handbook or call your local dealer

• Inspect the jack and wheel brace making sure they are in correct working order. If locking wheel nuts are fitted, ensure the locking key is safely stowed away in the vehicle.

• Make sure you have a spare set of keys for your vehicle in a safe place

• Never overload your vehicle or caravan beyond their designed carrying capacity

Before you drive off

Wherever you are heading off to make sure you leave well in advance, look out beforehand for any potential delays and should you encounter some sort of obstacle, you should have more of a chance to get yourself out of any potentially hazardous situations.

Bearing the above in mind, make sure you check off this list off before you set off:

• Plan your journey to avoid getting lost or getting stuck in traffic jams

• Make sure you get plenty of rest beforehand. Driving whilst tired is a recipe for disaster

• Take plenty of water and refreshments and take regular breaks

• Take sun cream in case you break down, especially abroad

• If you have children, take plenty of games you can play in the car during the journey

• Take some medication with you, especially if you are hoping to drive abroad.

Stay Safe

To be on the safe side, it would be prudent to carry take some essentials with you. A few simple items can be the source of some much needed comfort, should you have to stop or encounter a sticky situation.

We recommend that you have the following essentials with you in your car:

• A high quality torch. Preferably with long life and spare batteries

• A warning triangle

• A high visibility vest/jacket

• A fire extinguisher

• A spare fuel can

• A light bulb kit

• Additional engine oil and water (for topping up)

• A first aid kit

• An up to date road map or sat navigation system

• A mobile phone charger

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