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Kahn Design 110 Defender Chelsea Wide Track Model Challenge
Feb 17, 2020

Would you take up a challenge to build a Kahn Design 110 Defender Chelsea Wide Track model?


Kahn News spoke to Herman Nijhof, a Dutch model maker intent on creating a life like Kahn 110 Defender.


Herman explains the reasoning behind the project, in the first of a two part interview.


What inspired you to build the Kahn Defender model?


It all started when I started searching the internet for a Land Rover Defender. I wanted to recreate a very special design.


As soon as I saw the special look of the Kahn 110 Defender on the Kahn Design web site, I decided this was the model I wanted to replicate and I began the process of building the model.


As you can see from the images of the 110, I began moulding the fenders, grille, front and back bumpers, bonnet, dash board with the Kahn gauge, seats and wooden panel floor.


I’m not sure about the final colour of the completed model. I was thinking matt black, even pearl grey?


Black seems rather elegant whilst white emanates a modern touch. Maybe Kahn News readers can help me decide?

How long how you been working on the model and when do you think until you finish the project?

I have been working on the model now for about a month. I work a minimum shift of around four hours, hand crafting and building parts.

I hope to finish the entire model in four weeks time.

What would you say has been the hardest part during the aforementioned process?

The hardest part about this project is ensuring the model is hand crafted to perfection, looking just like the life scale model on the Kahn web site.

I need to ensure the parts are moulded and scaled meticulously – ensuring real attention to detail. I am currently working on the dashboard and making decals and the lights.

This will take many hours to complete because you have to appreciate the parts will be working and all are handmade. The finished model will be taken to events with the rib on the trailer affixed to the Gamsea model boat.

Would you affix a Kahn registration plate to your Defender 110 model?

That would be very special but I don\'t know which one at this stage, or maybe Mr. Kahn can suggest one?

Will this be a remote controlled model?

Yes, this is a remote controlled model Defender with the vehicle able to move and a complete working light set, headlights, rev counter, working steering wheel.

To view the latest images of the Kahn Defender 110 build click here.

Look out for a follow up interview with Herman once the Kahn Defender 110 model has been completed.

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