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Is Your Chelsea Truck Company Vehicle Ready To Go Off Road?
Feb 25, 2020

The only way to make sure that you are driving the right car to go off-road, is by giving it your very own, planned examination.

Allow Kahn News to guide you through the process.

Inspect the interior

Do you have enough leg room?

You will find, quality resides in the little details, and you\'ll know right away if you\'re looking at a winner or a cheap car.

Do not be afraid to push all the buttons, and feel free to generally treat the interior the way a 6 year old would.

If you find you are not happy, and could do with some extra comfort, have a look at the Chelsea Truck Company range of Interior packages for the Defender Wide Track and CJ300 Jeep Wrangler.

Try different terrain

Drive on bumpy roads, so that you can test the car\'s suspension and speed. You should simulate as many driving situations as you can. Just remember to plan your route well in advance, as you will need plenty of time to take the vehicle where ever you need to.

Maybe you need to invest in a Sat Nav?


A good way to get a sense of a car\'s handling is to turn at varying speeds. Does it hug the road or fly away? Also, do a couple of rounds in places such as an empty car park, this should tell you if the car has a decent turning radius.

Accelerate hard to see what kind of guts the car has. Be sure to brake hard as well; it will give you a sense of how the car handles while stopping short.

Check out our range of wheels if you feel your vehicle could do with some improved handling.

Change lanes

Visibility is critical to any car. However, truth be told, the real test is on the road, whilst changing lanes. Can you take a quick glimpse at the mirrors and go, or do you need a few extra seconds to focus?

If you find your focus is not at all up to scratch, maybe you should check out our range of accessories which include a number of side mirrors.

Pick Some Friends

The driving experience is not the same as the ride. Therefore, bring some friends along. Whilst you are behind the wheel, have them sit in the back and tell you if they can feel any bumps or if the handling is poor whilst braking.

They should give you some good impartial advice as to what you need.

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