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Is The Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6X6 Concept The King Of Defenders?
Feb 25, 2020

Kahn Design unveiled the coach built Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6x6 Concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show to much acclaim.


The Huntsman 110 WB 6X6 Concept is a coach-built special edition vehicle based on the Land Rover Defender which is currently on display at our flagship showroom in Leeds.


Read on to find out why the 6x6 rules the waves... 


It’s All About The Power 

The Huntsman is all about power and all terrain performance.


A 6.2-litre GM LS3 V8 engine complete with a six-speed automatic gearbox can literally take you safely through the most challenging of terrain.


It looks like it could handle just about anything you could throw at it; very few vehicles will be capable of keeping up with the Huntsman 6X6 concept.


It does send all of its 430 bhp to all of the Huntsman’s six wheels to the 6-speed automatic transmission system after all!


Throw an upgraded braking and suspension system into the equation along with a quad crosshair exhaust system and you have a real winner! 



Afzal Kahn has lengthened the bonnet by 400mm, the rear by 1000mm and the vehicle has been widened by 150mm.


Have you ever seen anything like it before? Forget about the G-Class, this vehicle stole the show in Geneva.


We are talking about a real British icon! 



The redesigned silhouette is as iconic as the original, and makes a definite and lasting statement.


The square sectioned wide arch body kit, a redesigned X-Lander front grille and front bumper has been designed entirely in the UK.


This vehicle can only be described as ground-breaking – paying tribute to the original Defender in a truly revolutionary manner. 


The Best? 

Is the Huntsman Concept the king of all Defenders?  


The Huntsman marque signifies power, all terrain performance and stunning appeal.


Although this is currently a Concept, we are looking forward to seeing more of them on the open road and also off road.

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