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Is the Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 a family car?
Feb 18, 2020

If you decide that you need a bigger vehicle to accommodate a growing family, the Jeep Wrangler Jeep Wrangler CJ300 may be the ideal pre-requisite in terms of drive, image and comfort.




According to Patrick Hespen from the Jeep communications department, the Wrangler attracts a very specific buyer compared to its two-door sibling, namely families.


What it comes down to, he agreed, is image: “The vehicle\'s image is one of the top considerations when purchasing a Wrangler,” said Hespen.


He insists the Wrangler itself has always been one of Jeep\'s best-selling nameplates, with sales consistently on the upswing.




The CJ300 Wrangler has always been aimed towards ‘outgoing’ individuals and families - serving its purpose with style.


The CJ300 is loaded with airbags and a modern traction control system that is able to send power to those luscious Kahn wheels and advance forward. The technology is developed for off-roading, but this proves our point, the Kahn Jeep boasts a number of modern safety features you would expect.


Up front sits a four-slot Chelsea Truck Company grille with industrial mesh between two smoked headlamps. Each of the side wing blades of the SUV show off their carbon fibre finish and the fuel filler door contrasts with the Volcanic Grey paintwork.




The standard Jeep does not provide the comfort most families need in and around the concrete jungle, therefore, the Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 steps into the breach.


Some customers choose an interior to suit their very own personality and who can blame them?


Society has changed, we are living in a totally different era to the days of yester-year and people yearn to break out of the monotony that engulfs them.


The point we are trying to make here is that clients are free to commission interiors that are tasteful and unique.




The bottom line here is that the Jeep Wrangler CJ300 is a wonderful vehicle for families that do not want to just be banded together into the boring vehicles with everybody sat dabbling with their mobile phones.


The Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 is ideal for families that would rather spend quality time together. The Wrangler is a vehicle that is actually fun to drive, while still providing modern day functionality that is getting better and better every year.


This is a vehicle you and your family can actually enjoy, a vehicle that has legacy, is unique and can be a welcome addition to your family.


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