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How to keep your Kahn Jeep spotless
Feb 14, 2020

Ensuring your Kahn Jeep continuously looks as if it has just left the forecourt in pristine condition – is something many Jeep owners aspire to.


For one discerning individual however, this is a daily occurrence.

Gregg Lomas, who is based in Spain, shares some of his tips with Kahn News.

My Jeep is washed and hoovered every week. You can’t beat that feeling of walking towards a waxed and gleaming bespoke vehicle and opening the doors to a fresh clean smell and climbing in with an Idiot sized smile on your face.

In terms of the entire process, I think it’s like anything, if you take pride in what you are doing you tend to take your time. I use a jet wash to blast her down, give her a good soak and shampoo to get the road dirt and dust off but it’s the detailing that takes the longest and I think it’s this attention to detail that gets noticed.”

To break this down, step by step, this is how I go about things:


Step 1 - wash and shampoo

Step 2 - hand dry with mirco fibre cloths

Step 3 - apply a light coat of wax and polish to a mirror shine (I’m a fan of Auto Gleam)

Step 4 - wheel detailing, just a hot bucket of soapy water and a small dish sponge and get right inside the wheel using a small brush to get the Bright Red callipers shining against the gorgeous matt black rims, again towel dry the wheels. The tooth brush is my secret weapon, its perfect for nooks and crannies and great for getting into the corner of the rims.

Step 5 - apply a good tyre shine with an old clean paintbrush

Step 6 - any stone chips or small scratches touched up with the touch up kit available online

Step 7 – wash the glass inside and out

Step 8 - Back to black on all handles and wing armour


Step 1 - full hoover (dropping all seats and boot)

Step 2 - carpet shampoo (once a month)

Step 3 - interior shine all doors plastic trim and head unit area

Step 4 - condition leather (x 2 a month as i tend to drive the Jeep topless in the summer months in Spain) Keeps the leather bright, vibrant, protected and smelling fresh and new

Step 5 - clean the interior and you are almost there

Be sure to check out the next set of tips offered by Gregg, in which he promises to divulge some secret tips in relation to cleaning fog lights, waxing and much more next week on Kahn News!

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