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Heritage Remastered Programme Soars.
May 14, 2024

In April 2023, we debuted our Heritage Remastered Programme within Chelsea Truck Co., marking a bold step in New Defender customisation. Anticipating a niche clientele seeking unparalleled elegance and timeless design for their Land Rover models, we embarked on a journey to curate bespoke conversions. Little did we anticipate the overwhelming response that ensued.


Since the debut of the new Defender L663 in 2020, Chelsea Truck Co. has been at the forefront of enhancing its allure. Our Landmark kit, a hallmark aftermarket upgrade, swiftly rose to prominence, accompanied by exclusive wide body conversions along with our vast range of accessories, leather interior upgrades and RS-Forged lightweight alloy wheels. The focus always being to provide sleek/contemporary styling with an OEM+ mantra to the vehicle, making it more aggressive and enhancing its stance on the road. However, with the introduction of the Heritage Remastered Programme, our focus took a nostalgic turn, delving into the essence of authentic Land Rover DNA. 


Our Mission

Our mission was clear: to craft a modern retro interpretation of the Defender, bridging the gap between past and present with finesse. This endeavour was driven by a desire to cater to enthusiasts yearning for the timeless Land Rover aesthetic, a sentiment seemingly overlooked by JLR themselves.


The Result

The result? A meticulously curated blend of old-world charm and contemporary innovation, offering a fresh take on the Defender silhouette while staying true to its heritage. With the Heritage Remastered Programme, we invite discerning customers to rediscover the essence of Land Rover, reimagined for the modern era.


The Vision

Two years of unwavering dedication and collaboration with Afzal Kahn and his team of visionary designers culminated in the creation of the conversion's most remarkable element: the Heritage lattice front grille. Meticulously crafted, this grille stands as a testament to precision engineering, utilising OEM quality materials and fittings to seamlessly transform the vehicle's front end.

Despite its understated aesthetic, the development, prototyping, and construction of this grille posed a formidable challenge, requiring intricate attention to detail. Yet, its impact on the vehicle's visual appeal is undeniable, serving as the quintessential embodiment of classic Land Rover design language.


The Iconic 90 Grille

With the Heritage lattice front grille leading the way, our conversion sets a new standard for automotive refinement and sophistication. Coupled with our 3-piece lower bumper valance, thoughtfully color-coded bodywork, and a carefully curated selection of classically designed RS-Forged alloy wheels, our conversion epitomises our steadfast dedication to perfection. Adding a final flourish, the Heritage Remastered Spare Wheel cover imbues a sense of timeless sophistication, mirroring the designation graphic adorning the front grille, paying homage to and celebrating classic British motorsport—a design cue that elevates the allure of our creation to new heights.


The Interior

In the realm of luxury, every detail matters. That's why all our Heritage Remastered builds boast a expertly crafted English Tan leather interior, painstakingly created in-house by our master trimmers. Imbued with luxury, each seat is swathed in the finest Italian Nappa leather, showcasing intricate 3D modular designs accented by bespoke stitch patterns and debossed branding details. From the door tops to the armrests, the centre glove box to the upper and lower dashboard, and even the steering wheel centre, every surface is lovingly adorned with hand-trimmed matching tan leather. The cabin exudes a timeless sophistication and refined elegance, establishing comfort and class like no other Defender.


A Commitment to Bespoke Craftsmanship

Currently, the Heritage Remastered conversion stands as an exclusive in-house offering, available solely through our esteemed channels. With a commitment to bespoke craftsmanship, each Heritage Remastered build is tailored to the individual customer's desires, ensuring a truly unique experience. From personalised paint colours to the addition of distinctive accessories such as LED light bars, our team meticulously bring each vision to life. Whether inspired by a specific Land Rover model of the past or driven by a desire for unparalleled personalisation, our programme offers the customer a tailored package to manifest your ultimate expression of the Land Rover Defender.


Contact Us Today

With JLR's recent announcement of the 2025 model year Defenders having no significant exterior amends or upgrades, we are pleased to offer our Heritage Remastered conversions for 90, 110 and 130 Defenders for all existing and future models for the foreseeable future.  For more information on our Heritage Remastered programme please contact us HERE.


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