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From Prague With Love: Chelsea Truck Company Defender Wide Track Model
Feb 26, 2020

Yet another Chelsea Truck Company Defender Wide Track model has been produced, this time by Lukas Kolovecky who hails from Kolin in the Czech Republic...

Yet another Chelsea Truck Company Defender Wide Track model has been produced, this time by Lukas Kolovecky who hails from Kolin in the Czech Republic.

Chelsea Truck Company caught up with Lukas for an insight as to why he spent over 500 hours making a Kahn Defender model.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

A: My name is Lukas Kolovecky and I live in Kolin, Czech Republic.

After finishing my studies at an arts and craft school in Prague, I started working on standard and heritage restoration projects.

In 2009, I gained an interested in scale models thanks to my three year old daughter, and I ended up buying my first model, the Axial Dingo.

Q: What motivated you to build scale models?

A: My main motivation has always been “coming as close to reality as possible”.

My first model was definitely far from real, but since I really like the real stuff, I started to surf the Internet and look for information on scale RC models.

Following that, I built a couple of 110 RC vehicles, I focused on developing steel chassis for these models, experimenting with electronics and handcrafting accessories and details.

Q: Tell us about the Chelsea Truck Company Defender model

A: The Chelsea Truck Company Defender 110 really is something special. The inspiration for the model came from a YouTube video featuring a Kahn vehicle.

Ever since then, my goal was to build a model that is rare and unique. I admired KAHN’s sense of detail, perfect finish and grace, and since I could not afford to buy a real one, I decided to build one myself!

Q: Are you happy with the way you built the model?

A: The body is based on a regular D110; however, many details have been changed. I wanted to create a wild off-road beast, so I added features such as additional vents. The hood has been a focus on my attention as well. The major change, however, has been adapting the width of fenders in order to fit the width of the YOTA axles. The goal has been achieved – the edge of the fender is now aligned with the sides of the tires. The body is painted using regular high quality car paint.

Q: How long did it take you to make the model?

A: I have spent about 550 hours working on this project and I am not still completely finished – some small details of the interior need adjusting. The biggest challenge is keeping the model real and 100% to scale.

Q: What is so special about this model?

A: The D110 KAHN is powered by a 27T 540 electro-motor. It features realistic lighting, including high beams, indicators, break lights and a fully functional wrench. This model is pretty much identical with the original in terms of drivability and off-road abilities.

For more information, please visit my friend’s website www.rcoffroad.eu for some of my (as well as his) products.

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