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Four Jeep CJ300 Features Off-Roaders Will Love
Feb 25, 2020

Like luxury car customers, off-roaders also expect an array of perks and the CJ300 Jeep Wrangler has almost everything an off-roader needs.

For the ultimate expression of fun and off-road ability, The Chelsea Truck Company provides an array of indulgent innovations to this iconic vehicle.

Read on to find out about four of the best.

Four Slot

The four slot front grille is more refined, purified if you like: pure as rainwater.

Engineered to a high standard to fit on 2005- 2015 Jeep Wrangler models, the four slot front grille exudes cool ambiance, giving your CJ300 a self-assured appearance.

Complete with factory mounting points for perfect installation, it certainly is a nice fit.

Light Up

Whether you go for the Dark Shadow, Military Cross Hair or LED high definition headlights, you will be forgiven for thinking you are at the wheel of a Bentley.

Spending a weekend with the CJ300, driving in the toughest off road locations requires a great deal of concentration not to mention the ability control the vehicle at dusk or dawn.
Whether you perceive them to be fashionable as opposed to macho, you will find the right lighting package for you.

Cross hair Rules

There are many reasons why the exhaust system could be loud. This could be because of modifications intended to increase the vehicle\'s performance, or because of failing equipment.

Regardless of the reason, the Cross Hair Exhaust system is a viable alternative.
Devoid of ear-splitting revs, we are talking about the epitome of nonchalance.

In the wilderness or in the city, the Cross Hair Exhaust System is a great deal of fun and respectful of the surroundings - automotive luxury personified!

Heated Seats

Heated seats have been available in most vehicles for quite a while now.

They can do a far better job at heating occupants than the standard offerings. Sit in a CJ300 equipped with heated racing seats, and off-roaders can change the settings to suit them.

It feels like you are sitting in a pleasant arm chair without a care in the world, nice!

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