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Everyday Accessories For Your Chelsea Truck Company Vehicle
Mar 19, 2020

The entire Chelsea Truck Company experience is about you, the customer, ensuring every moment you spend in your Kahn vehicle is as serene and unproblematic as possible.


This means not only do we want you to experience the thrills of driving a Chelsea Truck Company Jeep or Defender; we want you to enjoy the simpler things in life which will make seemingly everyday tasks that much easier.


Here are three simple features that will make your life so much easier that once you’ve got used to them, their absence will seem unfathomable!

Heated Seats

Heated seats are a given, especially in the UK! No longer will you have to endure car journeys in the winter, as your derriere is kept in comfort by means of heated front and rear seats.


To make sure visibility is at 100% it would also make sense to go for the Kahn heated windscreen and heated off screen wiper park options. They instantly make any car that has it roughly 47.5% better. That’s science!

Rear View Camera/ Sensors

Face it, in a new car, if the backup camera, or those little proximity beepers were to shut down, many of us would be the most useless car-parker of all time.


The sightlines on some cars are so horrendous, that it’s physically impossible to park a car or manoeuvre in tight spaces without these systems- unless you have been graced with the innate skill to operate any vehicle in any scenario.


It’s better to be safe than sorry, so maybe you could use a Kahn rear view camera, designed to fit inside your rear bumper and connected to an existing interior monitor

Satellite Navigation System


Some of you are adamant your car doesn’t need a navigation system. That may be true, but how many of you use a portable navigation system instead?


More importantly, how many of you have a smartphone with Google Maps or some other navigation App. No matter how old the car is, if you pull your phone out to check for directions, you are using that technology.


Rather than running down the battery on your iPhone – dump the portable device and run with the revolutionary Kahn satellite and Multimedia system complete with a unique 50/50 split screen which puts twice as much information on display, for convenient operation of your navigation system. It also handles your phone, iPod, Bluetooth, DVD and USB devices.


For further information on our range of products, please telephone: 01274 74 99 99


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