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Classic Styling: Chelsea Truck Company Mercedes-Benz G350 AMG G6!
Mar 23, 2020

The Chelsea Truck Company has received much acclaim for creating a number of innovative styling packages for the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender, giving them edgy and tough exteriors with luxury interiors.


Now the Chelsea Truck Company has bestowed their brand of styling to the Mercedes-Benz G350 AMG G6 Wide Body Edition.


Afzal Kahn himself was responsible for the design and engineering process, all the way from inception, through to the final touches.


Kahn wanted to pay homage to the G350 AMG’s heritage as opposed to modern styling, therefore, a decision to do down the classic theme was made.


The AMG G6 Wide Body Edition was adorned with a full Volcanic Rock Colour change that showcases its hard-hitting character.


Front and rear extensions with exposed bolt apertures look the business whilst a new G6 front bumper sits below the newly-equipped LED daytime running lights, which also work alongside the new Sportive Luxury roof shield with LED lighting for those off-road excursions.


Towards the rear, a functional G6 bumper provides a clean and straightforward look for the SUV.


Sitting beneath the wide arches on the G350 AMG G6 Wide Body Edition are a new set of 9.5 x 22 G06 alloy wheels. These wheels are available with Diamond Cut face along with a Shadow Chrome inner finish. In addition, a 50 mm lift kit makes overcoming obstacles even easier.


Customers who would like a performance upgrade can opt for an innovative tuning box that increases output to 245 break horse power - whilst twin side exhaust pipes are also available.


As for the interior, this particular model sports perforated black leather seats, however customers can specify the colour of their choice. They can also use a fabric-matching service that gives the interior specific material upholstery.


The featured Chelsea Truck Company Mercedes-Benz G350 AMG G6 Wide Body Edition is currently available for £94,995.


Please be advised, the new upgrade package is also available for customers of other Mercedes-Benz G-Class models as well.


Chelsea Truck Company Mercedes-Benz G350 AMG G6 Wide Body Edition Specifications



Complete Color Change – Our signature Cromax® paint finish
Front Bumper Spats inc. Door Sections
Front Sportive Luxury Roof Shield with LED Lights
LED Daytime Running Lights (Fits Original Mercedes Grille)
Front & Rear Wide Wings with Integrated Vents & Bolt Apertures
G6 Rear Bumper
G06 Alloy Wheels – 9.5×22″ in Diamond Cut and Shadow Chrome
Tuning Box (Only G350D V6 3.0 245HP Model)
G6 Front Bumper
Twin Exhaust Side Pipes
50mm Lift Kit


3D Modular Leather Interior (5 Seats)



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