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Chelsea Truck Company CJ 300 Jeep Wrangler sensual red edition
Mar 25, 2020

The  Chelsea Truck Company CJ 300 Jeep Wrangler sensual edition is ideal for  the confident go-getter who is often the life of the party.

Those who go vibrant are bolder, and there is definitely an element  of sensuality that goes with the red livery - a sign that someone is  confident when dealing with attention, probably socially confident.

Tellingly, red coloured vehicles are among the safest on the road,  thus suggesting the driver will be a very sensible and practically  minded person, however they have character, and they’re associated with  luxury and wealth.

In true CTC fashion, the latest Jeep Wrangler CJ300 by the Chelsea  Truck Company takes all the good from the standard model and adds in  some comfort, style, and exclusivity so that it can be at home on the  boulevard or off-road.

The Jeep Wrangler is a favourite of Afzal Kahn himself and plays a large role in the Chelsea Truck portfolio.

As mentioned previously, the entire body of the American SUV is  covered in sensual Red, with a split level Targa roof, Piano Black Door  handles, a fuel filler cap and mirrors providing some contrast.

Staring ahead are two shadow chrome headlights flanked by a  four-slot Chelsea Truck Company grille with industrial mesh. Daytime LED  running lights and a Chelsea Truck Company spare wheel cover completes  the exterior transformation.

The high-end look continues thanks to a new set of Satin Black 7.5 x  17” Jeep 1941 wheels with Copper Discoverer STT 285x70x17” all terrain  tyres. Behind the wheels sit painted brake callipers with a new set of  mud flaps.

Inside, standard seating has been replaced with front (GTB) and  rear seats - adorned with quilted and perforated leather with matching  stitching. Quilted and perforated leather also adorns the centre glove  box and arm rests to add a high-end feel, whilst a new steering wheel  offers greater grip and control for the driver.

Beneath the waistline sits stainless steel door entry sill plates, vented foot plates in machined aluminium and floor mats.

“Red is often the colour chosen by those who have a zest for life.  They have a sensual demeanour along with being outgoing, aggressive,  fun, and impulsive,” said Afzal Kahn.

“Those who go vibrant are bolder. There’s definitely an element of  sensuality that goes with red, there’s that dynamic quality and high  energy. They like to be seen as someone who really stands out and they  like to call attention to themselves. They don’t shy away from it. It’s  definitely an outgoing individual.”

Please be advised, the featured Sensual Red Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 is available for £30,999.00.


• Exterior
• 4 Slot Carbon Front Grille with Industrial Mesh
• Chelsea Truck co branded Fuel Filler Cap in Satin Black
• Mud Flaps (Toughened Rubber)
• Chelsea Truck Company Black Spare Wheel Cover
• Shadow Chrome Headlamps
• Daytime LED Running Lights
• Split Level Targa Roof
• Jeep 1941 DC Satin Black Alloy Wheels - 7.5X17
• Cooper Discovery STT 285 x 70 x 17 All Terrain Tyres
• Interior
• Front GTB Sports Seats in Quilted & Perforated Leather
• Door Armrests Re-Upholstered in Quilted & Perforated Leather
• Centre Glove Box Re-Upholstered in Quilted & Perforated Leather
• Door Entry Sill Plates in Stainless Steel
• Rear Seats in Quilted & Perforated Leather
• Vented Foot Pedals in Machined Aluminium
• Heated Front Seats
• Interior Investing in British Industry Badge
• Interior Chelsea Truck Co. Identification Plate

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