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Back To School With A Chelsea Truck Company CJ300
Mar 3, 2020

Your child’s return to school can set off a range of emotions in both parents and children.

Parents can be inclined to feel a sense of sadness as the extended family time together is over. Children may also experience a range of emotions – they could either feel excited with a new term set to begin or apprehensive at what awaits them.

Your friends at The Chelsea Truck Company have gathered a number of helpful back-to-school tips to help you and your family ease back into the school run and routine.

1) Build New Friendships

With some simple planning, you can beat the back to school blues and ensure the transition into the new school year is pleasurable.

Dropping the children off in your Flame Red CJ400 should ensure your child or children are the talk of the playground and ensure they make plenty of friends.

It would be prudent to encourage them to get involved in various school activities that suit his or her skill level and interests.

If they are a bit shy and reserved just practice simple ways to start a conversation with classmates and share happy memories from the previous year and all the fun activities that await them and all the new things they will learn.

If all else fails, just get them to talk about the CTC Jeep?

2) Organise Your Time

Try to always pick the kids up on time and maintain a schedule.

Once you pick them up, ask them to tell you about their day and what they have learned, then playfully indulge in an educational game with them whilst driving home in the Brilliant White CJ300 LE.

Once you get home, make sure you have created a structured environment with regular routines for dinner, homework and play time.

3) Sleep Is Very Beneficial

Lack of sleep makes it difficult to concentrate and can lead to ailments such as lethargy and lack of concentration.

Encourage bedtimes at 7:30, and if they do as you ask, treat them on the week end by pointing your Volcanic Rock CJ300 towards the Lake District or the sea side.

4) Healthy Eating Is A Must

Review the school lunch menu and guide your child towards healthy choices.

If your child is taking a packed lunch to school – make sure it is filled with fresh fruit and 100% fruit juice.

Nutritious food has obvious benefits for your children and it is up to you to ensure they keep away from junk food, especially on school days.

It may be an idea to gently remind them as you drop them off in your Volcanic Mist CTC CJ300 LE.

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