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5 Mummies Boys Who Became F1 Champions
Feb 26, 2020

For most women, a man overly attached to his mother is one to be avoided - but, if a Harvard University study is to be believed, it seems they may be worth sticking with, especially F1 drivers...

Mummy’s boys do better at work and earn more than men who did not enjoy a close relationship with their mothers in childhood, the findings known as the Grant study shows. 

This prompted Project Kahn to produce the 5 F1 drivers who are Mummies Boys feature. 

Read on to find out more....

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has benefited from the support of two selfless women in his life.

When the current F1 champ clasped two women in a hug back in 2008, just two weeks before Hamilton became the youngest F1 world champion in history, the women who brought him up and had found it in themselves to set aside differences and put the boy first were understandably delighted.

Carmen Lockhart gave birth to Hamilton but split from his father Anthony when their son was only two. Hamilton Senior’s second wife Linda, 43, helped to raise him from the age of 10.

The photograph of the trio celebrating trackside in Shanghai prompted the assembled media to point towards such hostility-free parenting by Hamilton’s biological mother and stepmother, allowing Hamilton to focus on his F1 career.

Speaking at the time, Hamilton said: “This is another step to the championship and towards my dream and towards my team's dream. We've worked really hard."

Fernando Alonso

One of the world’s most celebrated sports stars, former F1 champ Fernando Alonso has never forgotten the sacrifices his mother made for him.

Devoted Ana Maria would even make his racing outfits, adjusting the size of his overalls as her son grew up in Oviedo -- a city in northwest Spain, in the province of Asturias.

"One of the most important things that I received from my parents was to have always this sense of family and to be united," the McLaren star said.

"You always have little fights with your family, but at the end of the day you must know that family will always be there."

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher stood on the podium, as the winner of the San Marino Grand Prix, hands clasped and eyes filling with tears, devoid of characteristic leaps and smiles.

The fans that crowded the grandstand opposite the podium applauded in a reserved manner, proclaiming their respect at such a difficult time, for less than 12 hours earlier, Elisabeth Schumacher, the mother of two grand prix drivers, had passed away in a Cologne hospital.

No wonder both Michael and brother Ralf drove with such intensity: \"My mother loved to be at the track," Schumacher said in a statement after the race.

"She loved it when we drove go-carts on the old track at home. She would have wanted to see us race today. My mother and father had always supported us. They made it possible to do what we do and she would have wanted that we did this race today, I am sure."

The unpretentious Elisabeth booked a place among the great sporting mothers of modern times. At an age when most children are having their first spelling lessons, Michael and Ralf were making their first laps in go-karts constructed by their father. Later, Elisabeth and her husband Rolf managed a track outside Kerpen, their home town, where the boys refined their talents.

There could hardly have been a more appropriate tribute to one half of the couple whose work made possible not only their sons\' private jets, the Swiss hideaways and the constant adulation but the opportunity to experience the sheer fun of driving a racing car every day.

Sebastian Vettel

As Sebastian Vettel equalled one of Michael Schumacher’s most famous records he dedicated the result to his mother and father.

As the German made it seven wins in a row, he scorched to victory in the fading light of Abu Dhabi.

And Vettel was close to tears as he dedicated his win to his reclusive parents: mother, Heike and father, Norbert, who made a rare appearance at the race.

“I love them very much and I want to dedicate this win to them,” he said.

“They spent a lot of their lives watching me race. Now it’s bigger toys and more people watching and it was great for them. Michael (Schumacher) is my hero and I used to watch all his wins on television as a kid and to equal them is very special.”

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen’s mother Paula often acts as an unofficial spokesman for the F1 star.

She supported Raikkonen’s decision to take a sabbatical in 2010 and 2011, claiming it was which was a good break for the man who was crowned World Champion in 2007.

“His friends had told me that he stopped Formula 1 because he was tired (of it), and then suddenly he went back. I think the little break was a good thing, because now he seems to be enjoying the racing again,” she added.

The famous Finn has since burst back into Formula 1 with Ferrari, earning legions of new fans with his ‘mummy’s boy’ personality: “The one thing that has been so wonderful to see is how liberated and happy Kimi is. He is full of excitement and highly motivated.”

Let’s hope the powers that be at Ferrari do not upset Kimi, we suspect Paula will not be too far away...

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