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4 Things To Do In Your CJ300 Jeep Wrangler Before You Die
Feb 25, 2020

There are many things you can do in your Jeep before you finally meet your maker...

Allow Kahn News to suggest 4 things you should do in your Jeep before you die!

Get Married

The acid test for any hard-core Jeeper to determine whether or not he has chosen the right woman is if the other half is willing to ride off into the honeymoon sunset in your CJ 300.

A CJ300 can be a handy tool for a man in his quest to pick up the best from the opposite sex. Not to discount the lady Jeep owners, please feel free to use your Jeeps to drive your husbands away on honeymoon.

Sleep Tight

A comfortable way to spend a warm night would be to strap a hammock from your roll bar to a tree or another Jeep. If you\'ve got a long-wheelbase Jeep you can probably string the hammock from one end of your roll bar to the other and hang above your interior.

The choice is yours but what a story it would make from your rocking chair when you are older.

Holiday In Paradise

Fly to Panama, Jamaica or Costa Rica any other tropical destination for that matter and get ready for some island driving.

If you are unable to find a rental company, you should go all out and track down a local CJ300 owner and convince him or her to hand over the keys.

Rescue Somebody

Hopefully, you will never have to rescue anybody due to some sort of serious injury.

However, it is always nice to come across a standard Jeep in the middle of the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales and lend a helping hand.

This will undoubtedly get the rumour mill in full swing with fellow Jeepers all insisting you displayed a great deal of bravery to save the day!

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