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In Build: Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 Jeep Wrangler
Feb 18, 2020

As we walk towards the latest Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler CJ300 awaiting transformation at Kahn H.Q in Bradford, one can only imagine what the in-house trimming team have in store for this particular vehicle.


An imposing silhouette and 20” wheels ensures the CJ300 dominates the fitting bay.


When this Jeep Wrangler finally meets its new owner - it can only be love at first sight!


Awaiting the arrival of the in-house trimming team, who will painstakingly assemble the new interior, an aura befitting of distinction and serene detachment awaits.


Jamie Booth from The Chelsea Truck Company explains why it is a precondition for a CJ300 interior to be superior to that of a standard model.


“Although Jeep owners seem to be very loyal to the brand, once an aesthetically appealing product is made available, from my experience so far, I have seen that they are succinct and open to any contemporary accessories which complement their vehicle.


From our perspective, it is our duty to ensure that our work is to a standard which the customer not only expects, but we consciously endeavour to exceed expectations.”


Using an amalgamation of hi-tech materials and artisan craftsmanship, our range of CJ300 Jeep Wrangler seats are available with a varied choice of colours and materials to suit your requirements.


The new seats support occupants far better, transforming the driving position into something close to ideal. In addition, to ensure easy fitting, seats are provided with the necessary components and instructions.


Factory collection

Numerous customers prefer to collect their new Chelsea Truck in person, allowing them to drive the car out themselves, a dream for many.


One will find, a vast number of Chelsea Truck Company vehicles are located at our H.Q in Bradford, where Afzal Kahn and his design team dream up the latest products.


Where better to experience the excitement of all things Chelsea Truck Company than in the place where it all began?


To take advantage of this opportunity, simply inform us that you would like to collect your vehicle in Bradford, or if you purchased a vehicle, in London or Leeds, we will then make all the necessary arrangements to have your vehicle ready by the agreed collection date.


Please note that there are a number of formalities that must be completed when you take delivery of your new vehicle. For full details, please consult our head office, we will also be happy to assist when it comes to planning your trip.

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