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Cosmetic Jeep Candy
Mar 23, 2020

Explore the iconic 4x4 range of Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Edition vehicles.


Off-road vehicles are very popular world over. The problem though, is that very few standard Jeep Wrangler models tick all the correct boxes.


However, The Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Edition is a most welcome addition to the Jeep family: good looks, strong and buccaneering – it is the ideal vehicle you would want to take home with you to show mum and dad, who would probably give you their approval to live happily after ever.


Well, it does look like it came straight out of a Captain America movie, doesn’t it?


Prices range from £49,995 for the two-door and from £52,995 for the four-door model.


Look closely, and one will find the Black Hawk Edition looks really slick both inside and outside.


Inspiring wide wheel arches, a four slot front grille, shadow chrome headlights and an iron man bonnet exudes confidence.


If this vehicle for arguments sake was to be placed in a Marvel Action movie, the set of 7.5 x 17” Chelsea Truck Company wheels alone coupled with Cooper tyres will make Captain America’s enemies run away with fear!


Open the door and one will find, the Black Hawk invites you to step inside and sit on the soft quilted and perforated honeycomb leather seats. The opulent leather is also present on the glove box door and armrests.


All round cosmetic candy we say!


Should you want to find out more, Please e-mail: kahn@kahndesign.com or click here for more information on the Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Edition Jeep Wrangler.


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