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A Great Flying Huntsman 6X6 Gift Card To Give To Your Friends And Family
Mar 18, 2020

Land Rover Defender fans who find standard vehicles just lack that little bit of style should look no further than the new Flying Huntsman 6X6 gift card.

Priced at just £20, the 'Flying Huntsman' 6X6 is the ideal gift for family and friends.

There is no other card out there like - it will have pride of place on any mantelpiece.

The Flying Huntsman 6X6 is a one of Afzal Kahn’s top five favourite cars: “There is something about it that makes you smile - it demands respect,” says the man himself.

“These days it\'s not what you wear, it's what you drive.”

If you have not seen the 6X6 firsthand, purchasing the 6X6 gift card is the closest you will get to the real life vehicle, unless you are afforded an opportunity to view the vehicle first-hand.

Longer and wider than the standard Defender model, a Volcanic Rock exterior, front and rear wide arches with integrated vents, X-Lander front grille and Kahn wheels are just some of the upgrades the actual vehicle has been adorned with.

The new Flying Huntsman 6X6 gift card is a true automotive collector’s item. Order your limited edition gift card by sending an e-mail to Kahn@kahndesign.com

Look out for more limited edition gift cards in the near future.

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