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5 Ways The Land Rover Defender Will Live On After 2015
Feb 25, 2020

It is official: The Land Rover Defender is being discontinued. Sad indeed.

However, not all is lost. There are a number of reasons why we will not lose too much sleep over Land Rover’s decision to retire the legendary (standard) vehicle.

Allow Kahn News to enlighten you.

1. Unveiling Of the Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6x6 Concept

If the Mercedes G-Wagon can go six wheels, why not the Land Rover Defender?

This is the question that Kahn C.E.O, Afzal Kahn answers with an all-new Land Rover equivalent of the Mercedes G 63 AMG 6X6.

If there is one vehicle on Earth that could look as good with six wheels as the Mercedes G-Class, it would most certainly be the Land Rover Defender.

To drive that point home, Kahn Design unveiled the Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6X6 Concept at the 2015 Geneva show to much acclaim.

Kahn stretched the Defender 110 with a 400mm extension to the bonnet, 1000mm extension to the rear cabin, widened the beast by 150mm, added a third axle, and gave it the same two front-wheel, four back-wheel configuration complete with 20” Mondial wheels with Cooper LTZ 275/55/20 tyres.

Beyond the added length and mechanical upgrades, the Flying Huntsman has also been dressed with wide arch panels. The modified body also includes a new front bumper, X-Lander grille and plenty of Kahn badging, giving it an aggressive, land-hungry look to match its stretched, six wheeled figure.

2. Carry on Configuring Your Kahn Defender

Despite that impending day, when the realisation dawns upon us, that the Defender will be no more, you will still be able to create your own version of this legendary brute.

Our range of Defender 2.4 TDCI Chelsea Wide Track models are arguably some of the coolest-looking 4x4s out there. So before the current Defender becomes a true collector’s item, why not use our vehicle configurator to personalise your own vehicle and create a truly individual model.

You can admire your build from all angles and revisit it at any time. When you’re ready you can also share your design with your friends by posting a link to Facebook or Twitter.
You can quickly and easily see the range of colours, interior, wheels and options available to build your perfect car.

Take a look at the Chelsea Truck Company configurator for more information:


3. Wheels And More

The decision to discontinue the Land Rover Defender could well spur on those who wish to add even more value to their vehicle.

A great deal more stylish than current Defender offerings, our range of 1948 Defend (8 x 16), 1983 RS Defend (8 x 18) and Mondial (9 x 20) are available in a number of finishes.

Using a number of complex multi-spoke designs – our collection of wheels will not only bring a touch of exclusivity to the vehicle, but also add a great deal of value.

Please note, our collection of Defender wheels are TUV approved. The European auditing body has certified that our wheels meet international (ECE Regulations), EC (European Community) directives, and German Motor Traffic Agency (KBA) road traffic legislation.

4. Relax In The Luxury Of Your Own Car

There is nothing better than driving your Defender safe in the knowledge that you are seated in truly upmarket Artico GTB seats.

Designed as a viable alternative to mundane standard offerings, the Artico seats purvey comfort and an aura befitting of excellence and nonchalance.

Suitable for both XS 90 and 110 models, the Artico Leather Interior allows for improved comfort, complete with a charming new pattern, based on simple geometric shapes which echo Kahn’s signature branding, these seats are the stuff of dreams.

5. Back To The Future

The Chelsea Truck Company is famed for its innovative take on Defender accessories such as the Defender X-Lander Front.

Clearly very eye-catching and manufactured in ABS material, this commanding grille is effectively a three piece kit encompassing upper and lower openings.

Designed to slot in perfectly with factory mounting points, the X-Lander Front Grille is suitable for both Defender 90 & 110 models.

Ready to prime and paint, customers can choose their own colour scheme – the creative possibilities are endless.

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