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View From the Press: (US) A. Kahn Design’s Rolls Royce Ghost is a leather-lined bank vault
9th Jul 2012

Ryan Konko, senior motoring editor at motoring exposure explains why A.Kahn Design’s take on the Rolls Royce Ghost is so unique, you will not find anything remotely similar!

You’ve probably seen quite a few upgrade programs for high-end luxury cars such as Bentley and Rolls Royce. They all seem to follow the same formula of adding bodywork, fitting new wheels, increasing power, and installing a “refined” interior. When A. Kahn Design unveiled their programme for the new Ghost, our team at www.MotoringExposure.com was rather excited to see a different approach to bespoke Rolls Royce luxury.

You see, the A. Kahn Design Rolls Royce is more than just your average upgrade program. It features all of the stunning styling upgrades we’ve come to expect from Afzal Kahn and his talented team with that extra bit of extravagance that isn’t found anywhere else on the market.

Take the exterior, for example. The shadow line finish, clear side markers, under floor lighting, and headlight, rear light and window surrounds give it a unique look that is instantly recognizable. Add on the set of 9.5 x 22-inch Kahn Silver Mist wheels with original center caps (a feature not normally found on aftermarket wheels) and you have a classy British luxury sedan.

But it’s what underneath the body panels that really set the A.Kahn Design Rolls Royce Ghost apart from the competition. Oftentimes claiming that a vehicle “feels like a tank/bank vault” is another way of describing its superb build quality. With the new Rolls Royce by A. Kahn Design, this has two meanings as it is one of the few vehicles that actually protects occupants like a tank or bank vault. Underneath those classy lines are specially made armored plates that were designed and built to conform to the standard body panels. The windows are also made of special bullet-resistant glass that is lightweight and offers supers transition of exterior light.

These armored materials not only protect occupants, but also the custom-tailored interior. While other aftermarket automotive companies offer custom interior upgrades (even though Rolls Royce has their own bespoke program), A. Kahn Design takes things to another level yet again. The upgrade program gives customers the option of installing a sofa bench, along with the standard custom leather, stitching, and trim packages we’ve all come to love and expect from the British design house.

The A. Kahn Design Rolls Royce Ghost is an ultra-luxury British sedan that gives customers a unique blend of luxury, styling, and protection. It strays from the norm and sets itself apart from the competition. It is truly a VIP limousine.

This post was written by Ryan Konko from www.MotoringExposure.com

Feel free to check out more of his work about new sports and super cars on Motoring Exposure!

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