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View From the Press: The Plush Kahn Interiors that are To Die For
1st Oct 2012

Ryan Konko, senior motoring editor at motoring exposure explains why A. Kahn Design’s take on bespoke interiors sets the benchmark for others to follow.

In the world of high-end automobiles power and performance are big, eye-catching figures that often overshadow some of the subtle things that make driving a true joy. Oftentimes, you need look no further than the interior of a car or SUV. It can be a place of comfort and relaxation or, if it’s not done properly, an undesirable place to be that can ruin the overall driving experience.

A Kahn Design has found a happy medium between customisation, quality, luxury, and design that is often challenging for automakers to achieve. This optimum balance of interior qualities is featured throughout their SUVs, sports cars, and super cars and gives each automobile that extra special touch to make driving much more enjoyable.

The interior of an automobile is the place where we all spend the most time when driving and can be a make-it or break-it aspect for potential buyers. It is also is one place that A Kahn Design invests a great deal of time, effort, and research.

One of the things that set A Kahn Design apart from many other a companies is their ability to work with the customer to design and create a truly unique interior. The ability to put together a limitless palette of colors into the fabric, leather, trim pieces, and more, is something that makes your automobile special and uniquely yours.

The wide range of colors at your disposal is an excellent option to have, but without quality craftsmanship and materials, it’s worthless. The quality and dedication to minute details is what helps make the interior atmosphere of A Kahn Design so special. Every seam, stitch, and fabrication is meticulously fashioned to meet high quality standards to ensure that every mile traveled is a refreshing joy to be a part of. Leather, alcantara, anything at all, even Harris Tweed can be used throughout the interior in a wide range of stitching and designs.

But then there’s the array of custom options that puts an A Kahn Design automobile a step above the rest. Special pedals, illuminated door sills, dashboard inserts, and more are just a few of the extra options that complete the interior atmosphere. Unique Churchill time clocks inside the dashboard with Swarovski diamond bezels, colored gauges, steering wheels, and complete trim sets are the finishing touches on an interior that can oftentimes rival the exterior design.

A Kahn Design’s commitment to interior quality and custom-tailored design is just one aspect that sets their automobiles apart from the rest of the automotive marketplace and ensures that driving is an enjoyable experience.

This post was written by Ryan Konko. Feel free to check out more of his work about new sports and super cars on www.MotoringExposure.com

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