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Porsche Panamera 3.0 Wide Track by A.Kahn Design: Reviewed
6th Nov 2013

The Porsche Panamera 3.0 Diesel V6 Supersport Wide Track by A. Kahn Design is a vehicle for the individual who will only accept design perfection.

Nonetheless, is the self-assured manner backed up by all-round strength?

Kahn News takes centre stage with an opportunity to review this much sought after vehicle.


Here’s a familiar feel when you climb into the cabin of the Kahn Porsche Panamera.

The initial fixation is the proverbial low driving arrangement amid the vast collection of controls and instruments, including the trademark Kahn speedo & rev counter facia in red and cream that suggests you’re about to pilot a machine that has driver focus at heart…. very Porsche-esque indeed!

The Inimitable Germanic tactility is a joy to behold - slender yet robust controls at your fingertips are ideal. You can clearly see thousands of hours of fine tuning and development has afforded the Kahn Panamera the benefit of engineering pedigree not just on the surface, but under the skin too.

Disbelief is doubled when you hear how incredibly smooth and refined the 3.0 litre diesel V6 engine is. This is thanks to the innovative quad crosshair exhaust system in stainless steel. On ignition, the mild ‘grumbling’ under the bonnet is more akin to a subdued petrol V8 engine and the only two clues that confirm that it is indeed a diesel are the modest RPM redline on the centre dial, and the label inside the filler cap that reminds you to fill up.

The V6 units 247 bhp may seem diminutive for a car that weighs 1,880kg but it’s the 550 Nm of tourque presented from 1,700rpm that characterises the dynamic experience with its low and middle range tractability. This transports a rapid course of acceleration helped by an eight-speed automatic that is proficient of near seamless changes not dissimilar to the best dual system clutches out there; and notwithstanding its vigorous performance this vehicle has a theoretical 940 mile range from a 100-litre fuel tank.

It only takes a few corners and some poor British road surfaces to remind you that this is not just a luxury marquee that has miles per gallon on its mind, but is in reality an unbelievably agile and thoroughly pleasing driver’s car despite its size, and ride quality so well resolved that the worst pock marked roads in Central London could not perturb the tranquility inside the cabin when cruising. Add to this the actuality that it rides on 9.5 x 22” RS-XF wheels, which only serve to enhance the drive.

You simply drop a gear using the shift-paddles on the steering wheel; aim the car at the apexes of your favourite small road with the perfectly proportioned steering wheel; add a dash of throttle on the exit of a corner and the car responds with an urgency and accuracy that is both reinvigorating and reassuring.

On the straights, the turbo charged diesel unit will propel the Kahn Porsche from 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds, which is impressive given its weight, and will spin freely and smoothly reaching its peak torque before you’ve realised it, at which point you need to select the next gear to avoid a mild gruffness of the redline which is yet another reminder that you are behind the wheel of a diesel.
The gearbox’s Sport button forces the box to hang onto gears for longer and sharpens the throttle and the steering wheel is light at low speeds making manoeuvrability in town enjoyable and simple, but gradually gets heavier as you increase speed allowing you to consistently place the front of the car precisely and with confidence.

Focusing on style and driving experience, vented front wide wheel arches with vented rear wide wheel arches with integrated rear air dams, sports lowered suspension amongst the very refined trinkets on offer boast physically powerful performance and in the flesh, look amazing!


The experience isn’t limited solely to the driver either; the opulent cabin is a rather nice place to be, not just in its overall design and ergonomics, but the immense pleasure of simply sitting there.

We certainly do not insinuate the interior makes you feel pompous or imperious thanks to the kudos attached to the Kahn badge. You feel rather spoiled by the luxury in a subtle and tasteful way; by the way you’re cocooned in luxury, helped by front and rear seats in black quilted & perforated leather with grey alc, making for generous space in the rear and a snug fit for when you decide to demonstrate the Panamera’s capabilities.

The company works with the customer to design and create a truly unique interior to their own specifications and the very highest standards. The ability to put together a limitless palette of colours of fabric, leather, trim pieces and more, is telling. It is this level of individuality that makes the Kahn Porsche Panamera special and truly individual.

The company could, for example, design for you, a vehicle with a full colour change (to a colour of your choice) and an interior akin to, let’s say your favourite leather reclining chair in your living room.

Customers could also change the colour of the clock, or indeed, ask for anything else.


The Kahn Porsche is everything you’d expect in terms of robust design and outstanding engineering.

The ability of the car to change direction and handle like a car that’s much smaller is rather uncanny, and it flatters any driving style leaving those with basic driving skills feeling like a hero; a real testament to Kahn Design’s dedication to producing cars that do not disconcert the ride or harmony of the car and the entire styling package when you’re really pressing on.

Exceptional, ferocious this polished metropolis machine exudes enthusiasm and quality on the most difficult of roads.

And despite its rather long silhouette this is a vehicle you’ll be very much tempted to drive over and over again.

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