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Motoring myths exposed: part 2
21st Jul 2011

According to some people, modern motoring is a jungle where you\'re likely to be suckered in and robbed to your last wheel - or worse still stripped bare and left on the hard shoulder with nothing but your empty iPhone case to cover your shame. And that\'s if you live to tell the tale...

On the flip side though, most stories you will come across in the 2nd part of the motoring myths feature also range from baseless innuendo to irrational social media drivel. However, Kahnnews must warn you - one or two are rooted in real-life events!

On the wagon? Suck a penny

MYTH: If you\'ve had a few too many and idiotically decide to drive, you can beat the breathalyser by popping a penny in your mouth just before you\'re forced to blow, and then swan off on with your intoxicated lack of morals in tow.

The truth: This scientifically unfounded nonsense was put to the test when two gents by the name of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman tested it on the Discovery channel show myth busters back in 2003. And surprise, surprise, it made no difference at all. The best way to beat the breathalyser, is to drink fruit juice or pop, better still, tee-total is the way forward.

Don\'t check the paper work

MYTH: Some chancer places a flyer on your rear screen then lurks around waiting for you to sit in the car, only to see the obstruction and promptly get out of the car to remove the offending product. However, whilst getting out, the individual in question jumps into your car and is away and afar with your wheels.

The truth: This originated in Australia around about 2005 and arrived in the British isles via the USA. Most tellingly, however, the Metropolitan Police has no record of it ever happening. That\'s not to say it couldn\'t, though...

Avoid paying your traffic fine

MYTH: Have you heard the one about the double-bluff way to avoid points on your license? If you send a cheque for more than the amount of the fine for speeding or parking, the issuing authority has to refund the difference.

If you don\'t cash the cheque they send back, they can\'t add the points to your license because the full transaction isn\'t complete. Because of their heavy workload pressures, they don\'t pursue the matter, so you avoid the penalty.

The truth: This is of course wrong; your licence would be endorsed regardless, and failure to pay a fine can lead to more serious trouble, and you could end up in court. So in short, it\'s not worth the risk, just look out for speed cameras and lurking police cars – easier said than done though.

One born every minute

MYTH: You\'re driving along and spot a baby carrier at the side of the road with a blanket over it. Natural curiosity and concern prompt you to pull over, whereby (if you\'re a woman) you\'re attacked and if you\'re a man, simply murdered - all as part of a new and nasty gang initiation ceremony.

The truth: This scare story kicked off as an email in 2010 from Sussex Police. They say there is no record whatsoever of truth in it, while the same tale did the rounds in the USA and Canada. Give it a wide berth.

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