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Launch of the A. Kahn Edition Lauge Jensen Motorcycle
25th Mar 2014

April 2014 - Afzal Kahn, CEO and Design Director of A. Kahn Design, Britain\'s original automotive fashion house, creating wheels, body styling and components tailored for the world\'s most exclusive supercars, today announces a brand new collaboration with luxury Danish bespoke motorcycle brand Lauge Jensen.

Owned by Anders Kirk Johansen of the Lego family, Lauge Jensen will be new to the UK market and exclusively available at the new A. Kahn Design showroom in Chelsea, London. There will also be another world first - the unveiling of the new limited edition Lauge Jensen motorbike designed by A.Kahn.

Like all the bikes in the Lauge Jensen range, the New A. Kahn model is hand built to perfection. With only 10 planned UK examples of the bike for sale - designed by Afzal Kahn - this rare and coveted bike is certain to become an instant collector\'s item. The exterior of the Lauge Jensen motor bike incorporates visually dramatic handle bars, front forks and front and rear lamps allied to the bike\'s signature rear fender - all ensuring an impressive on-road presence.

As you marvel at the sublime exterior, cast a glance at the sumptuous hand crafted seats in perforated leather, a real A. Kahn Design signature feature. The riding position doesn\'t disappoint either. Hand trimmed racing seats help the occupant feel instantly at one with the bike.

Sweep your eye over the drilled pedals, custom dials and indicators as well as the sharp instrumentation and exhaust tips - all of which can be adapted to your specification and which all contribute to the visual impact of this high performance thoroughbred. The exquisite design is matched only by the sublime performance which is afforded at 0-60Mph in less than 4 seconds (maximum speed is in excess of 160Mph).

Hand built in Denmark with the most efficient V2-engine in the world. This is the only motorcycle in the world to comply with EURO4 emission norms, in order to drastically reduce the amount of harmful exhaust gases produced by motorcycles. These forthcoming mandatory rules for all manufacturers are almost 50% more difficult to pass than the current EURO3 standard.

This marriage of two of the world\'s most exciting bespoke vehicle brandscreates an innovative combination of style and power. Lauge Jensen is a relatively young company and Mr. Uffe Lauge Jensen is the original founder and chief creator. His decade long determination to build the most exclusive motorbikes in the world has ensured a loyal and prestigious international following. Hand-built to order, owners can specify any finish they desire. Despite building exceptionally beautiful \"works of art\", this forward-thinking company also demonstrates an extraordinary level of technical expertise and detail in its bikes.

Says Uffe; \"We are delighted to be announcing this collaboration with Afzal and A.Kahn Design. We have long admired the Kahn business ethic and the innovation and quality of its vehicles. We have a shared passion and vision which for the first time can come together to create the world\'s most desirable motorbike.\"

In the same vein, one of the key factors in the phenomenal success to date of A. Kahn Design has also been the ability to personalise the design of a vehicle - car or bike - to the exact requirements of each customer. By creating your individual specification, it is possible to determine what kind of vehicle it will be - be it performance, racing or luxury. However small or substantial your customisation and whether your preference is for city slicking or an urban escapade, A. Kahn Design always offers the ultimate motoring fashion accessory.

Says Afzal Kahn; \"Lauge Jensen is a magnificent example of design and performance combined. The new limited edition Lauge Jensen motorbike by A. Kahn takes the cafe racer to a completely new level. Here at A. Kahn Design, we refine the aesthetic elements of each vehicle with enhancements that complement and integrate with the essence of its identity and style. All the work of our designers, graphic artists, 3D modelers and technical engineers is channeled into providing clients with that final piece of the jigsaw, where completeness and harmony exist - the difference between a car which simply says something about you and the vehicle which reflects who you are.\"

The New A.Kahn model and a selection of custom Lauge Jensen bikes will be available on display at the A. Kahn Design showroom (Kings Road, London), so please drop in and enjoy the craftsmanship to its fullest.

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