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Kahn news.com presents: funny road signs part 1
14th Jun 2011

Have you ever thought about the complexity behind making road signs?

Despite traffic experts\' worldwide conducting experiments with visibility and legibility so road signs are understandable for passing motorists, some signs have defied more than a century of attempts at standardisation, and then there are some humorous error prone signs for the likes of Kahnnews to write about!

But like us you, will no doubt be left scratching your head at some of these beauties!


This picture of Imalone Road in northern Wisconsin, USA, which runs near the rural community of Imalone, is unique to say the least. We are told it is a real road but the surrounding areas are very lonely!

Sounds as if they need a few Kahn vehicles to liven things up!

A very slow crossing

Now, let\'s see, is it a gopher is it a tortoise?

Erm, apparently, it\'s both and is likely to cross the road, albeit slowly, at any given moment. Although, the sight of a set of Kahn wheels on the road may kick them into gear and enable them to accelerate and take a closer look!

No way?

You must be laughing and asking friends and colleagues to view this image!

To make matters worse, this seems like the kind of road sign which was conceived at a board meeting by a few CEOs, graduates and a number of individuals with IQs over 85, so its mind boggling to think why and how they managed to agree and commission this?

Helmet please!

You know the score; you\'re zooming down an idyllic location your bike down a road and cars pulls out, or even a squirrel or even an alligator. You know those dangerous animals could be feasting upon your carcass in the time it takes to lose control of your bike. Just take it slow and you\'ll be ok. Wait. What\'s that? We almost forgot, helmet please!!!

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