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Kahn news presents: How to beat a car thief part 2
30th Jun 2011

With over 53 households in England and Wales broken into every day just to obtain your car keys, Kahn news brings you the second installment of sleep easy tips on how to beat those pesky car thieves intent on driving away with your prized possession.

Some of the latest stunts are nifty; to say the least, while others are mind boggling, however, just make sure you don\'t fall into the same aberrant trap

Enjoy the article but don\'t say we didn\'t warn you...

We \'Kahn\' protect

The steal: So you think you\'ve protected your car by not only alarming it but also making sure the branded alarm stickers are prominently on display for all to see.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, what you\'ve actually done is inadvertently provide the thief with all the information they need to deactivate the system, giving them a number of valuable minutes to star the engine.

The thwart: You can evade this risk by investing in a Project Kahn alarm system which includes an innovative GPS tracking system. What is most striking here is that an alarm can be detected by simply rocking the bodywork, but a tracking system would be virtually impossible for the thief to confirm.

Watch out for the tow truck

The steal: Once they get hold of your car, thieves make their money by unbolting the most expensive components, and all they need to do this, is simply tow your car away and take it to a discreet area where they can take their tools to your car.

The thwart: Try to park in a secure area both in the day and at night, when out shopping or in town, park towards the front of buildings, so that your car is visible to all, and not parked somewhere towards the rear, where your bespoke vehicle could be easy pickings for thieves looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

Number plated sensation

The steal: This may sound peripheral, but let us assure you, this is a very serious matter, one that is essentially the theft of your vehicle\'s identity.

Upon unscrewing the number plates from your car and passing the plates off as their own, your cherished registration is now ripe for use in criminal activity, (Speeding, incurring parking fines, flouting the congestion charge, filling up then driving away from petrol stations without paying, etc), all the associated costs, come back to you. However, in some cases, the switched plates are used for more serious crimes.

The thwart: Invest in a set of personalised and latest-industry theft-proof Kahn number plates. They are so unique, would be thieves would think twice about taking them, simply because of the technology associated with such number plates, and bearing in mind, vehicles with Kahn number plates are far from discreet.

Just say no!

The steal: A prospective buyer sweet talks you and tries to persuade you to take him up on his offer of buying a car with a striking banker\'s draft.

The document appears genuine and you accept. However, it turns out to be a fake and never clears. Your \'buyer\' is untraceable and, unless the police get lucky, you have no means of recovering the loss.

The thwart: Do you know what an \'acceptable\' banker\'s draft looks like? Neither do we. So simply don\'t accept this method of payment. If there is no choice for any reason, hold on to your car until the draft has cleared your bank.

For more information on A. Kahn Design visit: www.kahndesign.com


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