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Introducing the Swiss edition
19th Sep 2011

London, September 2011 – Afzal Kahn has bowed to popular demand and in true male protnist fashion, the principal British designer has introduced a range that erupts with law enforcing elegance, style and Justice!

Clad in true fashion force - the new Swiss edition will be used by Police to patrol certain areas of Switzerland exclaimed Afzal Kahn during a final design meeting.

Visually stunning, with every modification serving to coax greater performance from the car, the Swiss edition Range Rover is not only a true style icon, this 5.0litre supercharged law enforcement machine (optional Cosworth conversion) complete with special black and white standard hood and custom interior pieces is full of style and personality.

Sitting behind the special windows and piloting the twin turbo supercharged engine while listening to the specially crafted stainless steel exhaust will ensure you take heed of Afzal Kahn\'s famous words: \'The road is my catwalk\', for this is a vehicle which exudes integrity and security.

The Swiss edition, complete with Kahn RS 22-inch wheels will leave a distinct impression: more superior than that of its rivals because of its exceptional exterior modifications with similar performance to match. The conversion is carried out with extreme attention to detail. The entire car is colour coded, interior and exterior, in the said colours, exuding a striking yet detached appearance which just yells out: \'Justice will be served\'!

Furthermore, a number of colours and designs are available to suit individual specifications. A stylish police themed interior is also available to the most die hard of officers or superheroes within our midst.

For more information e-mail: Kahn@kahndesign.com

T: 01274 74 99 99

Specification: Metallic black with roof and bonnet stripe binnacle and door tops. Kahn RS22\" alloys with relevant stripe Black rubber sidesteps with coloured edge Quad exhaust system finished in appropriate colour Front extended lip spoiler in appropriate colour Grille insert in appropriate colour Optional Cosworth conversion Interior: Inside is the bespoke touch with a whole new bespoke leather interior to suit the customers exact specifications Front and rear seats Steering wheel with Vesuvius stitching 4 Door panels quilted Machined vented foot pedals Kahn exterior and interior branding And much more

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