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How to drive like a gentleman
12th Sep 2012

At Kahn Design we believe one’s car is an extension of your finesse and gentle sensibilities.

And even though roads would be a lot safer if the incompetent and/or oblivious drivers would just stay home - manners and etiquette should be adhered to – even on the most uncivilised roads!

Our ever so gentlemanly correspondent, Quentin Cholmondley_Silverstone reads like a courteous version of the Highway Code.

He takes a nostalgic look back at the romantic days of motoring where drivers maintained their dignity and poise – often in extremely trying situations. So sit back and enjoy!

Pedestrians: Be charitable. They are just trying to go about their business (as we all are) and unlike you, they will not have a ring of steel around them to shield them. Is it bothersome when they walk into the intersection in front of you? For sure. But take the moral high ground and be charitable especially towards women, children and the elderly.

Courtesy: Treat fellow road-users with the utmost courtesy even if most of them are hapless fools. A true gentleman is he whose self-control is equivalent to all emergencies; who does not remind anyone of his or her inferiority; who speaks with forthrightness but always with honesty and compassion.

Honking: Do not indulge in it. Show some decorum most people will not flinch twice anyway. Only do it when you totally need to do so, but use short bursts of honks rather than the \"hold-down-for-20-seconds\" one. You\'ll find people will take notice!

Look good: The vehicle should be based on resonant design with a contemporary feel, a place of sumptuous beauty tempered by an aura of voluptuousness that personifies the Kahn way. See www.kahndesign.com for more information.

Stop and Go: Motorists are ever so annoying when they trudge towards the intersection before the light changes. Don’t do it because it is dangerous for yourself and for pedestrians. Set a pattern for others to follow, whether they oblige or ignore your example is up to them, but as individuals we need to do what is right.

Puddles: We know on a wet day they are virtually unavoidable, but pedestrians do not need to be sprayed with water. This is a simple one really, would you like to be splashed by some self centered motorist?

Greet: Always greet members of the constabulary with respect and avoid sweet nothings such as \'Aren’t you the guy from village people’.

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