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How to beat a car thief – part 1
8th Jun 2011

With over 53 households in England and Wales broken into every day just to obtain your car keys, those of you who are apprehensive about their car being stolen, Kahn news  brings you a number of sleep easy tips on how to beat those pesky car thieves intent on driving away with your prized vehicle.

Some of the latest stunts are ingenious, to say the least, while others are pretty damn obvious. All of these stunts, however, act as an alert to see you don\'t fall into the same aberrant trap.

Enjoy, but don\'t say we didn\'t warn you...
Three, two, one… and shove

The steal: Inspired by an idea that began in the USA, and then spread to Europe - thieves were now accustomed to breaking in, disengaging the integral steering lock, dropping the handbrake – then use another car to simply push the target away. Most of these stolen vehicles, apparently, were stripped for the best parts, so beware.

The thwart: Depending on the make and model of your car, you could be susceptible to this kind of theft. To guard yourself, we suggest you invest in a Kahn steering lock that fits onto your steering wheel and makes it rather complex to manoeuvre efficiently.

Not remotely funny.....

The steal: car thieves frequently use radar jammers to block the signal you use when you remote-lock your car. The perpetrators need to lurk pretty close to their target, but if you don\'t notice them, when you click your remote fob and stroll away from your vehicle (thinking that it\'s safely locked) it\'s been left open for attack.

The thwart: The Kahn alarm system is offered with sensor package options so you can select the most suitable protection for your specific requirements, so you can put your mind at ease. Additional tips include, don\'t park near anyone lurking suspiciously, don\'t park towards the very end of a car park, park instead at the front so your car is in full view of passers by, and security cameras.

Don\'t get iced

The steal: we\'ve all heard warnings about the dangers of leaving your keys in the ignition under any circumstances (and thereby becoming eligible for a big fat insurance pay-out of £0.00) but the 20009 -2011 winters brought the danger into sharp focus when a gang of thieves known as the \"ice bandits\" stalked the early-morning streets of Bolton, successfully came away with around 15 cars before the law – before a jail sentence finally caught up.

The thwart: if an early commute in freezing temperatures is unavoidable, you could mull over investing in a state of the art Kahn heating system for your car. Includes heated seats and a number of excellent extras, otherwise, get up earlier and get some thermals on!

Can I take it out for a test drive?

The steal: If you\'re selling your car, be it online or through the local newspaper or carpages.co.uk, your prospective buyer turns up and seems decent enough. He even points to his own car in the street and, offers to leave the keys, and asks if it\'s ok to take yours for a short-lived test drive. And low and behold, he\'s never seen again!

The thwart: Insurers advise you must always accompany prospective buyers on test drives. Scams like these can often be detected if you ask to see a valid passport or photo card driving licence and also take a photo copy. Also, corroborate insurance details. If the driver is not dodgy, he or she will happily comply.

Look out for part two of this feature on Kahn news!

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