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Heat wave driving tips: Protecting yourself and your car this summer
30th Jun 2015

The UK is set to be warmer than most of the Mediterranean for the next two days with the Met Office set to issue a level 3 heat wave alert.

Whilst the mercury is high, the following tips will help keep your car and yourself safe in the heat of the un-British weather. 

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

1. It would be wise to make sure that all of your vehicle’s air conditioning components are in working order. The air-conditioning compressor condenser, evaporator and receiver-dryer should be checked annually.

2. Radiator transmissions are susceptible to overheat in warm weather, therefore, It is recommended that transmission fluid be changed every 15,000 miles or once per year.

3. Another way to ensure safe summer driving is to check the tyre pressure. Tyres tend to be heat sensitive - so maintaining appropriate pressure is a must in the summer months to prevent heat stress and to get the best mileage possible.

Off-roaders heading towards the hills in their CJ300 Jeep Wranglers can reduce tyre pressure. However, it is important to mention, that not re-inflating your tyres when you get back can be very dangerous.

4. Cars are highly susceptible to overheating in warm weather conditions, so make sure that your radiator is working properly by frequently checking coolant levels.

5. Last but not least, plan ahead in terms of long distance trips. Leave early in the morning and either set off late evening, or get a good night sleep then set off the next day. The cooler morning and late evening weather is beneficial for your vehicle’s engine.

Keeping Yourself And Your Passengers Safe

1. This may seem like a no-brainer, but wear appropriate clothing. Light coloured clothing made of natural fabrics will increase breathability and keep you cooler for longer. Also, if you like driving with the windows down, apply sun cream as you may be exposed to the sun for extended amounts of time.

2. Dehydration is dangerous, so take plenty of drinks with you, if you have a built in fridge you must fill it, but keep away from sugary drinks, bring on the water and pure fruit juice.

3. You may have this one covered since everyone seems to be obsessed with technology, but keep your mobile phone charged. It is always useful to have a mobile phone ready to go in case of an emergency.

4. Window shades in the rear windows are a must to protect small children in hot weather. Children are particularly vulnerable to extreme temperatures, therefore the need to take extra precautions are necessary.

5. This is a very serious issue, never leave children or animals unattended in the car. There have been many heatstroke- related deaths of children in recent years and pets can suffer brain damage or even die of a heatstroke after only 15 minutes of exposure.

So there you go, follow these tips to ensure you enjoy a safe summer of driving.

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