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funny road signs part 2
5th Jul 2011

You may have seen part 1 of our funny road signs feature showcasing road signs that have defied more than a century of attempts at standardization.

And despite traffic experts\' worldwide conducting experiments with visibility and legibility so road signs are understandable for passing motorists, some signs have, somehow, lets say slipped the net.

However, Kahnnews is more than happy to bring you these beauties!

Do not gossip let him drive!

We are often reminded and rightly discouraged to drink and drive, but have often are we reminded of the perils of nagging partners\' who gossip about trivial matters whilst you are trying to concentrate on the road ahead?

Well, this absolute gem, will either afford the driver an excuse to politely ask their \'better\' or in some cases, \'lesser half\' to keep schtum.

Unfortunately, for some drivers, it could result in additional earache from their partners who will no doubt ask why they should not adhere to the sign – this could be the driver\'s que to turn the radio up!

Don\'t throw your cigarettes on the floor the cockroaches are getting cancer

Now this is a strange one, maybe an individual who has an affinity with cockroaches believes they should not be surrounded by cigarettes,

However, this begs the question, erm, \'why are cockroaches in the vicinity?\' and why the cancer terminology?

Confused much?  We certainly are, but enjoy the sign!

Watch where your going you complete idiot!

Hands up everyone who has said something along the lines of: “Watch where your going you complete idiot!”

Well, this sign is obviously aimed at those drivers who are often carefree about their driving, and no doubt, will appease those who are on the receiving end of such frivolous driving, yet their sentiments are not heard by the offending party.

However, the \'complete idiots\' whomever they may be, will either bite their tongue or fire off words of their own.

Love your enemies

A very thought provoking road sign here –this sign insists you should love commercial vehicles that will no doubt hog most of the road whilst loading goods on an ongoing basis.

So if you believe a commercial or any other vehicle is your enemy, try loving them instead?

Maybe if you are to one day wait here: a commercial vehicle driver may just thank you for your patience and give you a hug. Maybe even offer to buy you a coffee, the world of kindness and forgiveness would be their oyster!  

On the other hand, you may just get a nod of the head, or erm, nothing at all!

Oh well…………

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