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Are all the best car names taken?
30th Jul 2012

Afzal Kahn recently announced that A. Kahn Design’s new \"premium Evoque\" is going to be called the RS250. In light of that revelation, this must be a good moment to address one of the key questions looming over the modern automotive industry. Most notably, are all the best car names taken?

As car names go the RS250 name is even reasonably appropriate given the cute, compact model it is.

However, a vast number of different cars have been produced since the automobile first gained popularity and all of them have been given a name, some good and some bad.

Of course, some manufacturers are immune to car name strife. BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi all employ cunning alphanumerical policies with the potential to keep their new modela in bland but familiar titles for the millennia. Porsche is another German company that rises above the fray, not surprising though, they have been manufacturing and designing cars named 911 since the 1960s and rightly shows no signs of ditching decades of sporting heritage.

We can live with the Enzo from Ferrari or the Giullietta from Alfa Romeo and car names like Golf, Focus, Corsa and Fabia could theoretically be used forever but it only takes a couple of dodgy generations in a model line for a name to get tarnished with mediocrity. When that happens, the idea of a fresh start under a new name inevitably begins to find favour in the minds of product planners. Then the perilous search for a new title must begin.

Even if we are still buying cars, or anti-gravity flying machines, called Volkswagen Golf in the year 3000, names will still be needed for all the new niche models that VW slots into its existing range over time. What will the revolutionary all-wheel-drive six-wheel convertible MPV be called in 2025?

Kia was recently reduced to using esoteric punctuation to mark its cee\'d and pro_cee\'d family hatchbacks while Ford turned to the world of intrusive medical examinations to name its thrusting Probe coupé. Then there\'s always the classic misnomer of the deathly dull Mitsubishi Carisma and Mazda\'s often quoted lost-in-translation camper van – the Bongo Friendee.

Anything is possible, place names, emotions, made-up words even volcanoes, think Kahn Vesuvius edition, now that’s got character!

What are your best and worst car names of all time? Are some certain companies in the midst of a car naming crisis? We\'d love to know your thoughts.


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