Kahn Laboratories
240 Canal Rd
Bradford BD1 4SX
Tel: 01274 749 999

Chelsea Boutique
Chelsea Truck Company
385 Kings Road
London SW10 0LR
Tel: 0207 751 4555

Kensington Boutique
Kahn Automobiles
377 Kensington High Street
London W14 8Q
Tel: 0203 740 6005

A virtual tour of A.Kahn Design
3rd Apr 2014

It\'s the next best thing to an actual visit to the A.Kahn Design H.Q.

If you ever happen to go on vacation to the U.K, there are a few places you ought to go to other than cities such as London, where you can view the A. Kahn Design boutique on the Kings Road, the Cotswold’s, Buckingham Palace? Good guess, but no, unfortunately, the queen’s primary residence does not display some of the most beautiful automotive works of art.

Getting closer, but not quite there yet, how about the words K.A.H.N adorned on the leading edge of the front bonnet? You guessed right, welcome to A. Kahn Design.

Getting to the U.K may prove difficult for many, so we are now offering the next best thing: a virtual tour of our headquarters  via Google Street View. Not only can you experience the exotic showroom itself, but Kahn Design also went a step further by allowing viewers to “sit” inside the interiors of several Kahn Range Rovers, Kahn Defender, Kahn Jeep and Kahn Mercedes SLR.

The Kahn showroom facility is quite something, adorned with some of the most prestigious vehicles and accessories on display.

Click here for a virtual tour of the Kahn showroom.

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