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6 Car Heroes That Restored Our Faith In Humanity
22nd Jun 2015

Kahn News has compiled a number of much loved car heroes, read on to find out more...

Captain Robert G. Howie and Master Sergeant M. Wiley

Most of us know the Chelsea Truck CJ300 Jeep Wrangler is a style icon.

What is less known is the crazy vehicle that inspired the Jeep Wrangler: the Howey-Wiley Machine Gun Carrier, otherwise known as the Belly-Flopper.

In 1936, Captain Robert G. Howie and Master Sergeant M. Wiley of Ft.Benning in Georgia were of the opinion that a standardised light reconnaissance vehicle (and machine gun carrier) would be of particular use, simplifying the army\'s chaotic arsenal which consisted of horses, random automobiles/trucks, and motorcycles.

The Belly Flopper certainly made an impression. Several manufacturers viewed the vehicle in 1940. Barney Roos, chief engineer at Willys-Overland (who later went on to mass-produce the first Jeeps) said of the car: “That Belly Flopper looked like nothing any automobile man had ever seen before, a cross between a kid\'s scooter and a diving board on wheels.”

Tellingly, the Army\'s Quartermaster Corps were not impressed with the Belly-Flopper as it stood, but it did convince them to fashion a vehicle to fill the Belly-Flopper’s role, albeit with a strict and detailed criteria.

Paul Walker

The late Paul Walker who died in a car crash in November 2013 aged just 40 - filmed a number of instalments of the Fast and the Furious franchise before his death.

Walker’s depiction of his Brian O’Conner character was a pleasure to watch, as he hurled himself into many a complicated stunt scene like a human cannonball.

It may be the ultimate compliment to say that he played each moment as though it as to be his last. This boyish enthusiasm gave drivers world over, reason to drive their cars within the boundaries of good taste.

Jenson Button

Jenson Button famously paid tribute to his father John Button after his passing.

Button was \"devastated\" by the sudden loss of his father, in January last year.

From Jenson\'s early days karting in Frome, Somerset, to his 2009 championship triumph at Interlagos, John was there with his big smile and supportive remarks.

Button said that his father enabled him to “discover the thrill of winning”, and that his victory in Brazil was the “fulfilment of a dream that began more than 20 years ago when the old boy gave me my first kart”.

“I had the biggest hug with the old boy. We were locked in a clinch. I didn’t let go because I was talking to him, talking about what we’ve all been through.”

Tamil Nesan

You may not have heard of Tamil Nesan before, but wait till you hear about what he did for a customer in need.

Mr. Nesan, a taxi driver, picked up a customer at in his native Malaysia and was asked to take the customer to the airport. Upon arrival, the customer realised he had left his wallet at home and had no cash or cards for his upcoming journey to Singapore.

The customer did not know what to do as the drive home would to pick up his wallet would result in a missed flight.

Without any hesitation, Mr. Nesan offered to lend the customer some money for his travels and a to pay for the taxi fare when he had cash.

The customer could not believe what he was hearing, to offer such a kind gesture was nothing short of amazing and Mr. Nesan was rightly commended as a gentleman.

Mr. Nesan gave the customer his number and to call him back when he returned to Malaysia.

Acts like this are unheard of nowadays and prove that there are still good people in the world.

Oh Kim Beng

Another Taxi Driver from Malaysia, went the extra mile by knocking on the doors of over 20 apartments at a condominium to find a 13-year-old boy who had left a bag in his cab.

Unable to locate the teenager, Mr Oh Kim Beng, left after about half an hour of searching, Shin Min Daily News reported on Monday.

Mr Oh did not notice the bag which was left on the floor of the backseat as it was quite dark in the underground car park, he only spotted it only after he had left the car park.

He immediately turned back round, and decided to try his luck by knocking the doors of the apartments. But he had to leave after more than half an hour of trying because the driver taking over his shift was waiting.

Fortunately, the family managed to get in touch with his company, and he returned the bag containing a laptop and some belongings to the teenager the next day.

For his kind gesture, the family gave the driver $50 to thank him. The teenager\'s uncle also shared the good deed on his Facebook page.

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