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10 ways to combat the rising cost of petrol
4th May 2011

With prices at the pumps showing an increasingly upward trend, Kahn news brings you 10 great ways, from the practical to the absolute bizarre, to help contest the rise of petrol.

Make your own

Not tremendously difficult if you drive a diesel. Many books and websites depict how to filter veg oil, add methanol and full up your tank. Officially, you should still pay fuel duty but you\'ll still be saving a mere 20p a litre. 

Only drawback however, is you will have to get used to smelling like a chip shop.

Reverse into your drive

Reverse into your drive or your parking place at work. A cold engine uses much more fuel than when it\'s hot, so minimise cold running. Combine a number of tasks into one trip, clear misty windows and open driveway gates before you start the engine and reverse into parking bays or driveways so that you can drive\'your wheels\'straight out and warm the engine up as fast as possible.

Do without fresh air

You may not realise but keeping you air-conditioning on can swell petrol consumption by up to 25 per cent! So it\'s best to keep cool by simply opening the air vents, sunroof or windows.

However, when driving at high speeds in your Kahn vehicle it may actually be more fuel efficient to keep your windows closed and cool down using the air-con system. This is because driving at speeds of over 60 mph with an open window dramatically increases drag and can affect petrol consumption more than using the air-conditioning.

Find the cheapest petrol in your area

Cut your motoring costs by paying less at the pumps

The internet is a great tool for finding the cheapest fuel in your area, with no website more exhaustive than petrolprices.com (UK only).

Just tap in your postcode to bring up prices for around 8,000 stations across the UK and you could save a few pennies towards your next Kahn Range Rover.

Make money from your parking space 

Websites such as Parkatmyhouse.com and Parkonmydrive.net enable property-owners to rent out their empty driveways and garages to drivers needing somewhere to park. You normally pay a one-off registration fee to have your space advertised and then watch the cash roll in.

The money you make from parking could go towards the cost of filling up, or your next Kahn watch or cherished number plate.

Drive without lights at night

Apparently, some taxi drivers overseas believe driving without lights at night saves fuel. It almost certainly does not.

Keep the weight down - empty the boot!

Get rid of any surplus weight from the car.100kg in the back can increase your fuel consumption by over 5mpg. So take out your golf clubs and other unnecessary bulk to save gas.

Keep your distance

Keep away from the car ahead of you to smooth out your driving. (Two seconds behind it will greatly reduce braking and stopping).

Get under pressure

Low tires will sap your fuel efficiency with shocking speed, so if you want to save money on gas you need to check your tire pressure at least a few times every month.

Pick the route with the least stops

Cars in general use a lot more fuel when starting and stopping so when possible, pick the route that has the least stops and starts. This will also help save your brakes. Remember that most stoplights are calibrated to maximize flow, so if you keep the speed legal you\'ll save yet more money.

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E-mail: Mo@kahndesign.com and we\'ll get back to those who submit some great proposals.

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