Why Our 4x4s Make Every Day An Adventure
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Land Rover Defenders…Jeep Wranglers…We here at Chelsea Truck Company are not the only ones with a soft spot for these 4x4 legends. They are adored and admired the world over, with drivers of all ages, in all places, enjoying that special feeling only these 4x4s can give.

Defenders and Wranglers are associated with everything from wild days at the beach (the Wrangler starring in many a surf spot film) and exploring the great outdoors, including glacial peaks and arid deserts.

These vehicles are for the free spirits and the adventurers.

There really is nothing quite like the freedom of the open road. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the freedom of the off-road experience.
You see, whilst both the Defender and the Wrangler are born and bred for the outdoor life, covering rough terrain whilst discovering hidden pockets and wide open country, they are just as popular on urban and suburban streets.

But why?
Well, that’s really a matter of individual taste and personal character.
Yes, there are safer bets, with slightly sleeker models available for the couples, families and professionals in need of something more city street chic. But even the ‘sensible’ Jeep Cherokee and Range Rover alternatives can’t quite afford the same experience as their fun off-roader counterparts.

They might be slightly more spacious for expanding families to grow into, and they may well boast stylish interiors and mod cons to rival Bond’s runarounds. But where’s the character?

The grit? The versatility? A Defender will accommodate a young family just as well as any Range Rover; whilst giving you the practicality required for city streets, and the freedom to head off the beaten track on a camping trip, just because.

Similarly, a road trip will be just as enjoyable in the Wrangler as it would be in the roomier Grand Cherokee; just put your friends in the front and pack the camping gear tight in the back. Then, when you get back home, it’s a nippy form of transport with a subtle sense of “cool”.

So when faced with sensible choices and safe bets, remember why you want to be behind the wheel of a 4x4 in the first place. Think about smelling, tasting, feeling freedom… And opt for one of our sweet rides instead.

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